[VIDEO] Vintage Janet Greene ‘Fascist Threat’



Janet Greene’s recorded musical output was limited to just eight songs during her anti-Communist heyday working for Dr. Fred Schwarz as Music Director at the Christian Anti-Communism Crusade (CACC). These “golden period” tunes were produced by Del Katcher and released as singles in 1966 on Chantico, the CACC house label. The tracks were also issued collectively, as an album side (Janet Greene Sings), on the Schwarz box set “What Is Communism?,” a collection of his lectures on the Red Menace (Chantico UB2160; 1966). Ironically, it is Greene’s musical contribution to Schwarz’s spoken word miasma that makes the set a collector’s item today, not the paranoid ruminations of the good doctor. The blatantly confrontational titles that Greene cut during this era (Commie Lies, Comrade’s Lament, etc.) were packaged with covers featuring the sunny and optimistic visage of the artist. It is a delightfully subversive contrast that makes the music all that more enjoyable.

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Fascist Threat : Janet Greene – YouTube  and conelrad.com