[VIDEO] All About The Mahavishnu Orchestra with author Walter Kolosky

Meet Walter Kolosky, author of “The Mahavishnu Orchestra Picture Book.” Walter has written three books about the Mahavishnu Orchestra and we’ discuss the history of John McLaughlin’s group.


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[VIDEO] Conversations with John McLaughlin

NYU Steinhardt Jazz Interview Series with Dr. David Schroeder interviews legendary guitarist, composer and bandleader John McLaughlin. December 5, 2016




[VIDEO] Week 8: Chick Corea & John McLaughlin Duet; RTF Meets Mahavishnu 


The Greatest Jazz Birthday Party Ever. Chick Corea @ 75, Blue Note Jazz Club, NYC

[VIDEO] Blue Note: Chick Corea, John McLaughlin, Victor Wooten & Lenny White

Chick Corea concluded his 75th birthday celebration with two performances at the Blue Note Jazz Club in New York, NY. Corea booked a total of 80 shows at the Blue Note for this birthday residency, though the ones last weekend were among the most coveted.

Corea was joined by a legendary group of musicians, including guitarist John McLaughlin, bassist Victor Wootenand drummer Lenny White. Read the rest of this entry »

[VIDEO] John McLaughlin, Chick Corea, Lenny White, Victor Wooten, at the Blue Note: ‘Miles Beyond’, December 19, 2016



[VIDEO] ‘You Know, You Know’, John McLaughlin & Chick Corea at the Blue Note in NYC, December 8, 2016



[VIDEO] John McLaughlin and the Free Spirits LIVE at the Umbria Jazz Pageant, 1995 



[VIDEO] John McLaughlin, Joey DeFrancesco, Dennis Chambers Live in Madrid 1993



[VIDEO] John McLaughlin & the Fourth Dimension LIVE: With Mark Mondesir, Gary Husband, Etienne Mbappe


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[VIDEO] John Mclaughlin with Jonas Hellborg & Billy Cobham

On French TV, January 1984

[VIDEO] John McLaughlin & Chick Corea – White House Hosts International Jazz Day Concert 2016-04-30 





[VIDEO] Jeff Beck and John McLaughlin: ‘Django,’ Royal Festival Hall, London, 2002 

Carlos Santana Talks Reuniting Santana IV, New Band With Wayne Shorter, John McLaughlin & Herbie Hancock

 reports: Carlos Santana is getting closer to the finishing the Santana IV project, which reunites members of the 1971-72 lineup of the band. But that’s not the only band he plans to launch in 2015.

“Definitely spring recording and summer touring in Europe and maybe America. Can you hear it? It’s kind of like playing with, sharing music with Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, ’cause Wayne and Herbie, they’re at that level of genius, genius, genius, genius.”

The guitar legend tells Billboard that he and his wife Cindy Blackman Santana are forming a jazz fusion group called Supernova that will also include saxophonist Wayne Shorter, keyboardist Herbie Hancock and guitarist John McLaughlin.

“I’m just grateful that they accept it and want to do it. And every time I play with Cindy, it goes viral. People go crazy. The energy between Cindy and I is very, very supernova.”

“Definitely spring recording and summer touring in Europe and maybe America,” Santana says of their plans. “Can you hear it? It’s kind of like playing with, sharing music with Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, ’cause Wayne and Herbie, they’re at that level of genius, genius, genius, genius. I’m just grateful that they accept it and want to do it. And every time I play with Cindy, it goes viral. People go crazy. The energy between Cindy and I is very, very supernova.”

[Read the full story here, at Billboard]

That said, Santana acknowledges being a bit skeptical as to how well a group like Supernova will play in his homeland. “America is still into ‘Tutti Frutti’ and that kind of stuff,” he says. Read the rest of this entry »

[VIDEO] Live At Montreux 2011: Carlos Santana & John McLaughlin ‘A Love Supreme’

Live At

Montreux 2011: Invitation To Illumination

Backing Vocals — Andy Vargas, Carlos Santana, John McLaughlin, Tony Lindsay

[VIDEO] ‘Spain’: Paco de Lucia and John McLaughlin, Live in Freiburg, 1987

[VIDEO] Eduardo Kusdra Plays John McLaughlin: Shakti’s ‘Face to Face’

retroculturati writes: I never thought I would be writing about an alternative version of my favourite instrumental of all time. As a lifelong fan of guitarist John McLaughlin I adore theed album by him and the Indian group, Shakti called ‘Natural Elements’…

…The stand out track for me is ‘Face to Face’, a beautiful, uplifting piece with one of the greatest acoustic guitar solos I have ever heard. So for me to find another version and actually like it is really quite surprising. Who then, is Eduardo Kusdra, a man with the courage to take on such a track? Well, he hails from Brazil and is an extremely accomplished multi-instrumentalist and record producer, he has recorded six albums to date and for this particular track managed to secure the services of the brilliant drummer, Terry Bozzio, a man I first heard of via Jeff Beckin the early 90s….(read more)


[VIDEO] Saturday Jazz: ‘Little Miss Valley’ John McLaughlin & The 4th Dimension, 2012

[VIDEO] Preservation, or Innovation? John McLaughlin: State of the Musical Arts

Unfortunate to hear a great artist lay out a thoughtful, passionate, lucid description of the problem– the decline of jazz in the U.S.–then offer a predictable, depressingly misguided solution: “make the government subsidize it!”

Did the Mahavishnu Orchestra depend on taxpayer subsidies? Did Miles Davis need a government check in order to flourish? Unthinkable. If music is dynamic and alive, people will beat down the doors to go see it. If it’s boring, people will ignore it.

What Is the Future of Jazz in New York? (punditfromanotherplanet.com)

Who Should Pay for the Arts? (city-journal.org)

If it’s waning, drained of its creative force, or is replaced by other artistic innovations, people will look elsewhere. Should it be put on life support? Kept alive artificially? Turned into a social program for talented but neglected musicians? There are technical revolutions, new media disruptions, that are still unfolding, that influences these outcomes, more than lectures about taste, or lowering standards just to get a gig.

The End of Jazz (punditfromanotherplanet.com)

Islam and American Jazz (punditfromanotherplanet.com)

He’s right, jazz one of America’s great original art forms. And he’s right that should be supported, not neglected. It’s part of our history. (though what kind of future it has, organically, is questionable) Foundations, philanthropy, and so on, absolutely, if that’s required to preserve it as a museum piece, or classical artifact. Or, if cities and states have the popular will to support it with government arts funding, then let public policy respond to that. But it won’t make audiences love it, it won’t lure them come see it. Only the music itself can do that.  Read the rest of this entry »

[VIDEO] Jack DeJohnette Drum Solo: Modern Drummer Festival 1997

Late Night World Music: The 5 Peace Band – John McLaughlin, U Srinivas, Zakir Hussain

From Austria: The 5 Peace band- John McLaughlin (guitar), U Srinivas (Mandolin), Zakir Hussain (Tabla), V Selvaganesh (Ghatam),S Mahadevan (Vocals) perform live in Vienna. This is the Remember Shakti lineup with S Mahadevan, 2004. The songs they play are: Caruna, Ma No Pa, Sakhi, and Giriras Sudha.

Kam Falk’s Blog

[VIDEO] Late Night Jazz: John McLaughlin and The Free Spirits – After The Rain [1996]

51-c2G-98CL._SY300_Note: I saw this band live in the 1990s, inspired by this album: John McLaughlin and the Free Spirits: Tokyo Live — I highly recommend it, especially if you dig McLaughlin’s shredding and Joey‘s Hammond B. organ sound.  If you do decide to get it, order through my link! As an Amazon affiliate, it helps support my site.

 On the album Tokyo Live the drummer is powerhouse Dennis Chambers (and on the tour I saw) but in this video clip it’s Elvin Jones.

Live at Juan Les Pins – July 1996

John McLaughlin – Guitar
Joey DeFrancescoHammond organ
Elvin Jones – Drums

The Free Spirits – After The Rain [1996] – YouTube

[VIDEO] More Late Night Jazz

Sten Stinus’ peterstinckens writes: A great full concert video.  Enjoy it, it’s an oldy (1996) by John Mclaughlin, Elvin Jones, Joey Defrancesco

via Sten Stinus

CONFIRMED: Nancy Pelosi Under the Influence of LSD at Press Conference

“I never saw anything like what Harry Reid did. To watch him, was to watch a master at work.”

pelositrippin“This was an opportunity cost of time. We could have been talking about jobs, farm bill, immigration, any number of issues that need to be addressed, and I commend the Speaker for coming around for bringing it to the floor. I salute — I never saw anything like what Harry Reid did. To watch him, was to watch a master at work. He was superb, intellectually, politically astute, and just the sheer stamina of it all. And it was a sign of the respect that his members have for him.”

Nancy excused herself from the podium, put on sunglasses, congratulated her staff and associates, then got into a van with an unnamed member of the press corp, where they remained for 20 minutes.

According to a White House source, and confirmed by others in the parking lot, Nancy and the journalist reportedly smoked a doobie while listening to the 1970s jazz-rock-fusion Supergroup Mahavishnu Orchestra‘s “Between Nothingness and Eternity“, at extremely high volume.

“I had to cut sound on my microphone, the noise from the van was bleeding in” a TV reporter complained.

Asked later about her taste in music, Nancy was eager to discuss early-’70s rock-funk and jazz. “Jan Hammer’s keyboard work is amazing”, Nancy said, walking to her office. “Though I really like John McLaughlin‘s earlier work, in Lifetime, with Tony Williams, and Bitches Brew, with Miles Davis. Have you ever heard McLaughlin’s solo album, Devotion? There’s a song on there “Don’t let the Dragon Eat your Mother” that totally kicks ass”. She added “The engineering on the album isn’t ideal, but McLaughlin’s guitar solos are mind-melting”.

h/t Hot Air

Late Night Jazz: John McLaughlin

John McLaughlin was born on the 4th of January 1942 in Doncaster, England. His pioneering Super-fast, Super-loud Supergroup, the Mahavishnu Orchestra, left many in my generation with permanent hearing damage, and turned the rock world upside down. He’s 71 and still a killer. He, along with Miles Davis and his quintet were the foundations for jazz-rock fusion. I saw this quintet perform in 2010, and remember it fondly. For those up late at night, this is a good groove.

John McLaughlin