[VIDEO] John Wayne Doing the Jitterbug

John Wayne as The Easter Bunny


[REWIND] The Audacity of Obama’s Sneering Tribute to Ronald Reagan


For Breitbart.comCharles Hurt writes:

In his memoir called “The Audacity of Hope,” Obama wrote sneeringly…

“As disturbed as I might have been by Ronald Reagan’s election in 1980, as unconvinced as I might have been of his John Wayne, Father Knows Best pose, his policy by anecdote, and his gratuitous assaults on the poor, I understood his appeal.”

“It was the same appeal that the military bases back in Hawaii always held for me as a boy, with their tidy streets and well-oiled machinery, the crisp uniforms and crisper salutes.”

To Renegade, Rawhide was nothing more than a John Wayne pose. The United States military a quaint little sanctuary for cowardly weenies afraid of disorder and untidiness. Our American might and uniform to him are nothing more than a well-played basketball game from which he returns home momentarily happy or sad that his team won or lost.

Sneer all you want…But never forget this…you and your silly “choom gang” have not the faintest clue the principle and sacrifice most in the military and their families lay out every day….(read more)


THREAT CONTAINED: TSA Seizes Dangerous Toy Gun from Suspicious Sock Monkey


Andrew Johnson reports:  TSA agents in St. Louis, Missouri, disarmed Rooster Monkburn, a cowboy sock money, of his two-inch toy gun after a woman brought the stuffed monkey through security. Agents said that it posed a threat because it could be confused for a real gun, according to local reports.

“[The agent] said ‘this is a gun,’” said Phyllis May, recounting the experience to fly back to her home in Washington state. “I said no, it’s not a gun it’s a prop for my monkey.”

May, who has a small business selling sock monkeys, was also questioned for bringing the sewing supplies she uses to make the stuffed animals in her carry-on bag. TSA agents told her they would have to confiscate the miniature firearm and call the police, although Washington’s KING-TV reports that the TSA never did call the authorities. May’s sewing supplies were ultimately returned to her.

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