[VIDEO] CNN Panel: Daily Beast’s Keli Goff Compares Deporting Jose Antonio Vargas to Sending Blacks Back to Africa

“If you dropped me off in Africa, I couldn’t speak the language, I wouldn’t have any cultural ties to the continent, even though it is the continent of my origin”

—  The Daily Beast’s Keli Goff

National Review OnlineAndrew Johnson has this item: Deporting immigration activist and documentarian Jose Antonio Vargas, who famously revealed he was an illegal immigrant in a New York Times op-ed in 2011 and was arrested trying to leave McAllen, Texas, this morning, would be like sending black Americans back to Africa, according to one CNN guest.

Wright immediately called it a false equivalence because enslaved Africans were forcibly brought to the Americas and did not break the law, but that didn’t stop Goff from continuing to make the case for Vargas.

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More journalists than activists turned out for the start of a rally for immigration reform

More journalists than activists turned out for the start of a rally for immigration reform on the steps of Los Angeles City Hall Tuesday morning staged by labor unions and pro-amnesty organizations. The event was aimed at warning Republicans in the House of Representatives to pass an immigration bill that includes a “path to citizenship” for illegal aliens or face the wrath of Hispanic and progressive voters in their districts.

Rep. Judy Chu (D-CA) told the gathering that the piecemeal approach preferred by House Republicans, as an alternative to the “comprehensive” bill passed by the Senate last month, was unacceptable, saying that some of the separate provisions turn immigrants into “criminals.” (She did not specify whether she meant illegal immigrants.) She demanded a House vote on the Senate bill–a matter of some debate among Democrats.

Other speakers made the same demand, blaming Republican leaders for the immigration impasse. One labor leader warned Republicans that “they will be branded” as anti-immigrant if the House failed to pass an immigration reform bill with a “path to citizenship.” Ready-made signs held by the small crowd repeated that message: one featured the GOP elephant and the slogan: “Road to Extinction OR Road to Citizenship.”

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