London: ‘Happy’ Guy in White Van Hits Pedestrians Leaving Mosque 

Dade Hayes reports:

… The driver of the vehicle, a large white van, was arrested on the scene. While police have not released his identity, he was described in numerous accounts as being a white man. The Financial Times cited witnesses who counted at least a dozen people injured. The newspaper also said the driver “looked happy” and was waving to onlookers as he was arrested. Another witness told BuzzFeed that the driver said he was going to “kill all Muslims.”

Police have thus far declined to say whether they are labeling the incident in a neighborhood popular with immigrants as a terrorist attack. Read the rest of this entry »

Make America Bootyful Again: Joy Villa in MAGA Gown on Grammys 2017 Red Carpet 


Singer Joyce Villa wore a ‘Make America Great Again’ gown.

Scandalous dresses on the Grammys red carpet aren’t what they used to be. It wasn’t deep cleavage or a thigh-high leg slit that had tongues wagging about singer Joyce Villa on Sunday night. It was her red, white and blue gown emblazoned with “Make
joyce-villaAmerica Great Again” in front, and “Trump” across the train.

It’s a controversial statement coming from an artist in an industry that’s largely in opposition to the new president’s social policies, not to mention from a woman who identifies as bi-racial.

[In other words, The Hollywood Reporter finds it shocking, and controversial for the President of the United States to receive public support from a non-white entertainer]

The singer-songwriter, who goes by the name Princess Joy Villa, teased the ensemble on Instagram with a photo of a heart-shaped clutch and a caption stating, “My whole artistic platform is about LOVE. I couldn’t be where I am today without the love and tenderness of those beautiful supporters and friends around me.”

Villa went on to say, ”I hope you enjoy tonight’s #grammyawards2017 and remember to forget your problems and focus on the future! You are infinite and beautiful and no one can stop you but you. Read the rest of this entry »

[VIDEO] Pikotaro Sweeps the World with Comic Song: ‘Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen’ Viewed 67 Million Times


The slim, bespectacled man in leopard print looks a little strange, but he has swept across the world. A music video featuring him singing a song titled “Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen” (PPAP) while swaying his body has even impressed Canadian superstar Justin Bieber. His name is Pikotaro, a fictional character created and directed by entertainer Kosaka Daimao, according to a statement by Kosaka. In fact, Kosaka himself plays Pikotaro, but keeps it secret.

In the latest development, the song debuted at number 77 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 charts on Oct. 19.

The song’s English lines are simple and nonsensical, but catchy and even addictive. Once you listen to it, it will probably become an earworm.


Because of its popularity, Kosaka’s video of “PPAP,” along with three other songs sung by Pikotaro, were distributed simultaneously in 134 countries and territories earlier this month by entertainment management agency Avex, to which Pikotaro belongs.

This number is the largest ever for the agency. Although they represent many other popular artists, several dozen countries and territories were at most for this kind of reach, according to Avex.

[Read the full story here, at The Japan News]

The video only lasts about a minute and features Pikotaro singing phrases such as “I have a pen,” “I have an apple” and “Pineapple pen” to rhythmical dance music while dancing and miming sticking a pen into an apple and a pineapple.

It all started out with the short video posted online on Aug. 25 that gradually gained popularity.



Bieber featured the video on Twitter on Sept. 28, introducing it to his more than 88 million followers. As a result, the video immediately spread around the world. Its official video has been viewed more than 67 million times on YouTube.

At least 36,000 videos that use images and sounds from “PPAP” have been confirmed.
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[VIDEO] OH YES THEY DID: Louis C.K. & Leslie Jones’s SNL Sketch ‘This Is How I Talk’

After getting caught imitating his boss (Leslie Jones), a new employee (Louis C.K.) must play off the impression as his real talking voice in order to not get fired.


 writes: In the Department Of So-How-Was-The-Play-Mrs. Lincoln?, Louis C.K.’s dive into the empty pool monologue was followed on last night’s season finale of Saturday Night Live with a sketch that had the star going almost one-on-one with screen-shot-2015-05-17-at-8-09-31-amLeslie Jones in a street-slanguage slam, as Louis tried to hold on to his job at a  Sprint store after being busted while imitating Jones as his mouthy, negatory boss.

“Is that how you think I talk? Is that yo little impression of me?”

— Leslie Jones, busting Louis C.K., who then maintains the ruse

Convincing her that’s the way he really talks, the bit (with nice assists from Jay Pharaoh, Cecily Strong and Aidy Bryant) followed them over five years as he maintains the ruse. Read the rest of this entry »

LAPD: Justin Bieber Accused of Attempted Robbery


Los Angeles police said Tuesday night that detectives were interviewing a victim of an alleged attempted robbery by Justin Bieber.

“He has been accused of attempted robbery.”

— Officer Rosario Herrera, Los Angeles Police Department

Officer Herrera said the incident allegedly took place around 10:30 p.m. Monday in the LAPDs Devonshire Division, which includes Northridge and other parts of the San Fernando Valley…(read more)

Los Angeles Times

‘Cookie Jars Full of Drugs’



Nancy Dillon  reports:  Justin Bieber’s mansion reportedly was stuffed with drugs and paraphernalia when cops rolled up to serve an egging-related search warrant last week.

Two large cookie jars loaded with marijuana sat in plain view of the dozen detectives from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, an unidentified source told

The notorious party palace also contained four or five empty codeine bottles along with empty Fanta bottles, TMZ said.

The Fanta bottles appeared to be discolored by the codeine, a sign they were used to mix the narcotic drink Sizzurp, also called “lean.”

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Police at my Door: What Should I Do?

Great item by Theodore Dalrymple, from wchildblog. First, a personal observation:


I just had this conversation recently, about how few people are alert and informed about what their rights are, and can act accordingly (and respectfully). When confronted by a law enforcement official it’s easy to be intimidated. Easy to be misled. Or simply not confident enough to manage the encounter and be your own  best advocate.

police knock on door

I saw a YouTube video recently featuring a young, hyper-informed law student who’d been detained by a cop, simply for legally carrying a pistol (in a state where open carry is permitted) because a passerby spotted it and it made them uncomfortable. Then complained to the police about seeing a man walking down the sidewalk with a gun on his belt and thought the somebody better look into it.

A policeman (who clearly didn’t understand the law any better than the complaining citizen did) confronted the guy, detained him, and had him surrender the weapon. Not realizing his detainee was fully aware of his rights, and with no shortage of confidence. The cop was stubborn, and confused. The law student was agitated, impatient (but not rude or abusive) and had complete verbal control of the situation. Arguing, citing case law, refusing to cooperate, not even giving his name. (news to me, you’re not required to give your name just because a cop is curious, if you’re not under arrest, and you’re obeying the law. This law student flat-out refused to identify himself to the cop)  The whole incident captured on video. It’s brilliant. More on this in a moment… back to Theodore Dalrymple:

Theodore Dalrymple writes: Don’t be intimidated by police at your door. These rules will help protect your rights and improve your odds of avoiding a home search.

No Warrant, No Search!

The Supreme Court has ruled that the home is entitled to maximum search protection. Even if they have probable cause to believe something illegal is going on inside your home, the 4th Amendment requires police to get a signed search warrant from a judge to legally enter and search.

Clip from the DVD, 10 Rules for Dealing with Police

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Bieber vs Desert Eagle

This particular Russian guy expressing both his taste in music and his enthusiasm for the Desert Eagle. And his is just a regular one. For details about 2013’s blinged-out Best-of-the-Best Award-winning Titanium Gold Tiger Stripe Desert Eagle® Mark XIX .50 Action Express, read about it here.