Learning some Life-Saving Techniques from the Pros at the LA Fire Department

Napa Resident Describes Earthquake Destruction

proxyNAPA, Calif. (KABC) –A Napa resident woke up and found his neighbor’s house on fire after a 6.0-magnitude earthquake struck the northern San Francisco Bay area Sunday.

The quake caused six significant fires and destroyed four mobile homes, Napa Division Fire Chief Darren Drake said. Firefighting efforts were complicated by broken water mains.

“Unfortunately, the earthquake knocked out several water mains, and when the fire department arrived, they had no water pressure. We do have two swimming pools in the community and they were able to safen water out of the pool into their truck and come back several times to fight the fire behind my house,” the unidentified resident said… (more)


L.A. Desk: Demonstrators Demand a Prohibition on the Use of Drones by the LAPD. None Currently in Use


L.A. Desk: City of Hawthorne is going to ‘look into’ mandating the use of ‘body cams’ for all uniformed police officers

[AUDIO] Foreshadowing Suicidal Thoughts: April 2010 Interview with Robin Williams

This link suggested by our Los Angeles Bureau Chief, KABC reporter and Pundit Planet‘s West Coast Correspondent Robert Holguin.

My impression: In customary Robin Williams style, he’s displaying an internal dialogue between different parts of himself. Only this time it isn’t comic. It’s part of a thoughtful discussion about recovering from heart surgery, fear of death, and the unexpected appearance of suicidal thoughts, reflecting on how he responded to the mysterious internal ‘voice’ that suggested it.

It’s a provocative interview. Also, characteristically, funny, and spirited.

This interview took place on April 26, 2010. The relevant portion that Robert highlights starts at 52 minutes.

What’s striking to me about this part of the discussion is Williams’ self-awareness, and insight. Evidence of being rational.

It amplifies my instinct that Williams could, and should, have survived this rough patch. Under different circumstances, perhaps only by a fraction, he could have prevailed over the morbid, self-destructive (and impossible for any outsider to know) thoughts that led him to take his life.

In what appears to be (I just watched the press conference, the preliminary findings confirming suicide as cause of death) an extremely desperate act. Anyone who heard the description has to conclude, this was the actions of a man committed to succeeding in this effort to kill himself. Read the rest of this entry »

Sterling Trial: Donald Takes the Stand


[VIDEO] Robert Holguin’s report at abc7.com

LOS ANGELES (KABC) For abc7 reports: The day was described as intense, and at times bizarre and comedic. But almost every time Donald was asked a question, it resulted in a very angry response.

When Donald took the stand, he insulted his wife

On many occasions, Donald would deviate from the original line of questioning and would often insult his wife Shelly’s attorney. His answers at times were also very sarcastic.

“My wife can’t run anything. She’s beautiful and I love her, but she can’t run anything. I’m trying to generate as much success and revenue for my trust.”

— Donald Sterling

In one emotional moment during a break in court, Shelly walked over to Donald and hugged him. He then kissed her hand.

[Also see – Sterling Trial Begins; Donald Not Present]

But when Donald took the stand, he insulted his wife. Read the rest of this entry »

Sterling Trial Begins; Donald Not Present


LOS ANGELES (KABC) — For ABC7 Robert Holguin reports: After a morning delay, the trial that could make or break the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers got underway on Monday. But, Donald Sterling was nowhere to be found.


[VIDEO] Watch Robert Holguin’s report here.

The legal battle between Donald Sterling and his estranged wife, Shelly, was caught in a “procedural limbo” during the morning session, after his attorneys filed a motion to shift the case to federal court.

But a federal judge ruled the case did not belong in federal court and sent it back to probate court.

When the trial finally started late in the afternoon, attorneys wanted to hear first from Donald Sterling, who was not there. Read the rest of this entry »