Kimmel Mocks Obamacare

Having trouble signing up on Don’t expect Obamacare-Care to be any better


Jimmy Kimmel took some shots at the health-care law’s ongoing problems by releasing an ad for the spoof program…

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[VIDEO] “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on How ObamaCare Screws Young People. For an Audience of… Young People…

New Obamacare Ads Aimed at Young People

A message to millennials: the joke’s on you.

The money quote:

“Next time, maybe pick up a newspaper”

The Obama Administration is having a tough time getting young people to sign up for the Affordable Care Act. So they came up with a new ad campaign to help with the problem, though it may do just the opposite.


Allahpundit writes:

“…not novel; Leno does it every day. The novelty lies in a show aimed at younger adults emphasizing that Democratic welfare programs do in fact have winners and losers, and more often than not Kimmel’s audience is on the wrong side…The success of the liberal agenda depends upon convincing people that someone else will pay for it. The Kimmel skit here strikes at the heart of that.”

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Jimmy Kimmel Petition: White House Responds to China Protest


 reports:  The White House on Friday responded to a petition calling for an apology afterABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” featured a joke in October about killing Chinese people to avoid paying down U.S. debt.

The Obama administration responded to the petition after it received more than 105,000 signatures on the We the People site maintained by the White House.

The White House noted that ABC and Kimmel apologized for the joke, featured in a segment in which Kimmel is querying children about how the U.S. should payback China. The segment provoked protests among Chinese American activists.

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Why Won’t Kimmel Apologize Some More?


Our culture is surreally obsessed with taking offense

Rich Lowry writes:  Jimmy Kimmel used to be a professional comedian. His new job is apologizing.

A few weeks ago, the host of ABC’s late-night show Jimmy Kimmel Live aired a bit where a six-year-old boy recommends killing everyone in China. Kimmel and the network have been apologizing ever since. Over the weekend, protesters besieged ABC studios around the country. They want Kimmel fired or, failing that, more apologies.

[See our coverage of the Jimmy Kimmel ‘Kill Everyone in China’ Controversy]

The bit was part of a routine called “Kids Table,” where Kimmel talks to cute five- and six-year-olds, and hilarity ensues. In the offending episode, Kimmel asked the kids what to do about our debt to China, and one boy chirps, “Kill everyone in China.” Kimmel laughs and jokingly calls it “an interesting idea,” before returning to it later when, with mock seriousness, he asks the kids whether the Chinese should be allowed to live.

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How Jimmy Kimmel’s China Joke Became an Issue for the White House

Randy Holmes/AP Photo/ABC

Randy Holmes/AP Photo/ABC

It’s one thing for late-night comics to make jokes about the White House. But Jimmy Kimmel managed to offend so many people with a joke about China that the Obama administration is now officially compelled to respond.

On Oct. 16, Kimmel aired a segment of his Kids Table, where he asks small children to address complex issues. The subject was China and how the U.S. could solve the $1.3 trillion trade imbalance. “Kill everyone in China,” answered one laughing 6-year-old.

Some viewers were so upset that they took their anger to the White House’s “We the People” online initiative, where citizens petition the administration to comment on various issues — and are promised a response if at least 100,000 people sign on during a 30-day period.

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