[VIDEO] Knockout Game Behind Bars: Reports of Women Officers Targeted at Rikers Island

Rikers Island is a tough place on a good day, but now going to work for correction officers has become even more dangerous.

It looks like the crime fad known as the knockout game has spread to Rikers Island, with women officers the main targets. I spoke exclusively with one female C.O. who is still reeling from a punch to the face.

We have an exclusive picture of the damage the woman said was done to her on November 30, 2013, on Rikers Island. The 22-year-old rookie correction officer told me the knockout game we’ve seen spread across the country is also spreading inside the jail.

“Came right out of the bathroom and punched me in my eye,” she said.

Her eye socket was fractured and may need surgery. She has a black eye and her vision remains blurry. She said it came out of nowhere.

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Human Events: Knockdown Games, Bigoted Receipts, and Self-inflicted HIV


John Hayward  writes: There’s a coincidental, but illuminating, confluence of “media mythology” stories at the moment.  The first concerns a series of claims by wait staff that hateful, bigoted customers stiffed them for tips and wrote awful things on the receipt.  First there was a waitress at a Red Lobster in Tennessee who claimed her customer wrote the N-word on a receipt, a story that gained national attention and led to her collecting over $10,000 in donations from sympathetic and/or outraged people across the country.  Her story is almost certainly a hoax, based on handwriting analysis, the testimony of the allegedly offensive customer, and other data.

The new “wronged waitress” saga also appears to be a hoax.  A gay waitress in New Jersey claimed she got no tip for a sizable bill.  The customer supposedly wrote “I’m sorry, but I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle” on the receipt.  After an initial burst of media hysteria, and another wave of sympathy donations from far and wide, it was determined from credit card records that a hefty tip was indeed left on the bill, and the customers are not only former restaurant employees who always leave good tips, they’re also gay marriage supporters.  They evidently made an innocuous comment based on the name of the waitress that someone in the restaurant either interpreted as offensive, or saw as a good opportunity for a fresh “bigoted receipt” hoax.  The waitress – a former Marine who has donated much of her windfall to the Wounded Warrior project – might well have been deceived along with everyone else, because some of the restaurant staff has been acting suspiciously under media scrutiny.

In both cases, social media firestorms erupted over stories that inflamed certain passions and fulfilled certain expectations.  The narratives were too good to check.  But the press is suddenly very interested in “debunking” the Knockdown Game, building off a hysterical piece in Slate that alleges – based on nothing more than the deep-seated ideological convictions of the author – that the rash of random, racially-charged attacks can’t possibly be happening.

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[BOOK] As ‘Knock Out Game’ Grows, Author Colin Flaherty Was Ahead of the News


Warner Todd Huston reports:  With news of the violent “knock out game” appearing in cities from coast to coast, the author of the 2012 book White Girl Bleed A Lot may seem quite prescient to some.

In 2012 author Colin Flaherty published his book chronicling the “epidemic of black mob violence” and was immediately labeled a racist for his central thesis that racial violence is growing in the United States despite the claims that violent crime statistics have fallen in recent decades.

Flaherty’s book declares that, “Racial violence is exploding across the country. Cops deny it. Newspapers do too. Thank God for YouTube.”

“Racial violence is back,” the book begins, “In hundreds of episodes across the country since 2010, groups of black people are roaming the streets of America intimidating, stalking, vandalizing, stealing, shooting, stabbing, raping, and killing. But the local media and public officials are largely silent about the problem.”

This sort of rhetoric is, of course, quite incendiary in this day of political correctness. A soon as the book came out Flaherty was attacked as a racist. His facts were challenged as over generalizations and his conclusions called unsupportable.

Only weeks after Flaherty’s book came out, Salon.com insinuated that the American right was filled with racists and the book proved that conservatives have “suddenly became very, very frightened of black people.”

All that finger pointing and name calling, however, may seem unfair with news exploding all across the country that gangs of black youth are indulging the “knock out game” in cities all over–even as the media is reticent to identify the racial aspect of the mounting crime wave.

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National Media, Slow to Report on Epidemic of Race Crimes, Dismisses Relevance with Breathtaking Ignorance: “Is it Really a Trend”?


Knockout Trend Among Teenagers: Is It Real?

Imagine if roving gangs of violent young white hoodlums were preying on unsuspecting black people in the streets, knocking them unconscious at random- think the headlines would read like this?

Or would it be immediately treated as a National Crisis, worthy of 24-hour-a-day coverage?

TIME asks: “Local media outlets are reporting a supposed ‘Knockout’ game among teenagers: total strangers have to be knocked out with just one punch. But is it really a trend?”

Knockout Trend Among Teenagers: Is It Real? | TIME.com