Gifts & Affection: ‘Teacher Of The Year’ Darcy Smith Accused Of Raping 14-Year Old Student


SeaTac, Wash. (CBS SEATTLE) – A Highline School District elementary teacher, previously named “Teacher of the Year” in the region, is facing child rape charges from allegations she sexually abused a former student living in her home.

“The boy, now 19, told police that Smith, his sixth grade teacher, brought him into her home when he was 12 and began having sexual relations with him…He claims Smith showered him with gifts and affection, but that abuse intensified when Smith drank.”

King County prosecutors have charged Darcy M. Smith, 41, with three counts of child rape, alleging that she brought a boy in to live at her home when he was 12 years old and started to sexually abuse him the following year in 2008, KOMO-TV reports. The boy told police they first had sex when he was 14 and the abuse continued until he moved out of Smith’s Renton home at age 18.


“Smith told him not to say anything and made him promise not to tell . . . (she) said she would go to jail and be in big trouble if he told,” police said in charging papers. He “said he was a boy, thought it was cool.”

Court documents suggest Smith, who taught most recently at McMicken Heights Elementary School, was actively engaging in sexual misconduct with the boy when she was named regional teacher of the year in 2012.

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The boy was allegedly living with Smith with his mother’s permission as her home was closer to the hospital in which he was recuperating from an injury.


“There is a lot more to this story than is contained in the cursory investigation that was done prior to the filing of these charges. Darcy looks forward to vigorously defending herself and to being exonerated.”

Smith’s attorney, Brad Meryhew, tells KOMO that she denies the allegations and has maintained her innocence since investigators first contacted her regarding the “false allegations.” In a recorded interview with investigators, Merhew says detectives failed to interview Smith’s husband or any others who would have been present in the home during the young boy’s alleged time living there. Read the rest of this entry »

‘RAPE CULTURE’: 240-Pound Seattle Woman Broke into Apartment and Raped Sleeping Man

Chantae Gilman is accused of breaking into a Seattle man’s apartment and raping him as he slept off a party during a 2013 incident. A warrant for Gilman’s arrest was issued after DNA allegedly linked her to the crime

 reports: A Seattle woman is accused of raping her neighbor as he slept after a party. The victim shoved the 240-pound woman, later identified as 26-year-old Chantae Gilman, off of him when he woke up to her having sex with him, according to the Seattle P-I.


“In the past, Gilman had been treated for mental health issues and drug abuse. She’s also pleaded guilty in 2006 and 2008 to criminal charges, court records show.”

She apparently broke into the 31-year-old’s apartment on June 16, 2013 after a birthday party. It wasn’t until recently that a sample of DNA taken from the victim was analyzed.

Gilman was linked to the crime, but she is apparently undergoing drug treatment, a neighbor told KOMO-TV.

A Facebook page that appears to belong to Gilman frequently notes her sporadic sobriety.

“I’ve got 2 months pregnant and I’m 31 weeks pregnant,” Gilman apparently wrote on Aug. 5.

An arrest warrant was issued for Gilman, a mother of four other children who is reportedly pregnant with another child. Read the rest of this entry »

Portlandia is Real: Naked Woman Climbs Downtown Portland Flagpole


PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) – Police say they’ve sent a 34-year-old woman to the hospital for a mental evaluation after she made a naked flagpole climb on the roof of a downtown Portland office building.

Police said she stripped about midnight Wednesday, hauled down the flag and then wrapped herself in it, brandishing a lighter and fire extinguisher.

“Arson investigators said they didn’t know whether she was linked to a rooftop fire at the nearby 15-story Yeon Building that broke out about the same time.”

Then, officers said, she began throwing construction glue from the building, listed as having 12 floors. Several vehicles were damaged.

Officers say she appeared to be in a mental health crisis and may have been taking stimulant drugs. Read the rest of this entry »

Social Injustice in Seattle: Woman Arrested For Performing Sex Acts With Lawn Chairs


Police say an intoxicated woman engaged in intimate acts with a family’s lawn furniture

SEATTLE (CBS Seattle) – A Seattle woman was arrested after taking off her clothes and engaging in some rather lewd behavior with a family’s lawn furniture, reports KOMO-TV.

The woman urinated on the lawn before “quite purposefully exposing her genitalia, and then posterior, to the family inside the home.”

An “extremely intoxicated” 33-year-old woman wandered into a yard on Beacon Hill, says the police report. The family inside watched in horror as the woman “hiked up her dress and engaged in an intimate act with several lawn chairs.” (read more)

CBS Seattle – KOMO-TV

Man Shot In Face In Front Of Starbucks


KENT, Wash. (AP) — Police in the south Seattle suburb of Kent say a woman is accused of shooting a man in the face as they were talking into a coffee shop. Read the rest of this entry »

Seattle Looks At Helipad Rules After Deadly Crash


The news helicopter had just stopped at a helipad to refuel on its way to another assignment when it crashed and burst into flames yards from the Space Needle in the heart of Seattle, killing the two men on board and seriously injuring a third man who was on fire when he escaped from his car.

It may be months before federal investigators know what caused the chopper to plummet at a busy intersection, setting three vehicles ablaze and spewing burning fuel down the street during the Tuesday morning commute.

“It was just a fireball. The whole thing burst into flames. I saw people running from their cars.”

The KOMO-TV flight was one of many helicopter flights that take off and land in Seattle’s downtown. Mayor Ed Murray said officials would review rules for helicopter pads in the city to determine if any changes need to be made.

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News Helicopter Crash Near Seattle Center, Two Killed


Two people have been killed after a KOMO news helicopter crashed on top of at least three vehicles outside Seattle Center Tuesday morning and caught fire. A third person was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

The crash happened around 7:45 a.m. in the 400 block of Broad Street next to Fisher Plaza, which is home to KOMO.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

The photographer was identified as Bill Strothman, who worked for several years at KOMO and whose son also works there. The name of the pilot has not yet been released.

“Not only were the cars on fire, the fuel running down the street was on fire.”

— Fire Department spokesman Kyle Moore

Bo Bain, a construction worker, said he saw the helicopter land and stay on the pad for about a minute or two.

“When he went to take back off, the sound of the helicopter changed kind of drastically and I looked and the helicopter was almost immediately pitched sideways and off balance and he kind of nose-dove over the trees and clipped the top of the trees and crashed on the other side of the street,” said Bain. Read the rest of this entry »

This Is What Happens When You Blow Soap Bubbles at -9°C (15,8°F)

When the weather forecast announced about the unexpected cold from -9°C to -12°C last week, Washington-based photographer Angela Kelly decided to take an advantage of it in one truly creative way. Together with her 7-year-old son, Kelly combined the home-based remedies – dish soap, karo syrup, and water – and went out to blow bubbles and take pictures as they freeze and melt.


Soon the two adventurers found themselves in awe while watching the frost create magical patterns in the freezing bubbles. The smaller ones would freeze momentarily, simply mid-air, and then they would fall down and scatter like thin glass chips. The bigger ones would manage to freeze more slowly on the surface, giving the photographer a chance to catch the artworks of the frost on camera.

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