OH NOT AGAIN: California Gym Teacher Corine Audiat Busted for ‘Unlawful Oral Copulation’ with Boy from her High School 


Her rap includes charges of contacting a minor for sex, sending harmful material to a minor with sexual intent and misdemeanor child molestation.

Tobias Salinger reports: A married 32-year-old California gym teacher and swim coach had sex with a boy who goes to her East Bay area high school, police said.

“This is an unfortunate situation that we are sure has generated anxiety and many questions within our community.”

Washington High School teacher Corine (Cory) Audiat was charged Wednesday with six felony sex crimes, including unlawful sex and oral copulation with a minor, according to Fremont police. School officials placed her on unpaid leave and said she would never teach in the district again.


Audiat and the teen carried on months of private conversations this year that became more and more inappropriate until they had sex, investigators said. Police arrested her on Thanksgiving.

“This case is a very unfortunate situation for our community,” Fremont police said in a statement. They asked members of the public to assist in keeping the victim’s identity confidential and to contact investigators with any information they may know about the case.

Officials at Washington High School in Fremont, Calif., said Audiat would never work at the school or in the district again. (CBS SF BAY AREA)

Officials at Washington High School in Fremont, Calif., said Audiat would never work at the school or in the district again. (CBS SF BAY AREA)

Police said they had received a tip the day before Thanksgiving about Audiat’s affair with the boy. Detectives said they quickly tracked the messages between her and the teen starting earlier this year and arrested her the following day.

Both police and Fremont Unified School District Superintendent Jim Morris said investigators do not believe there were any other victims, KPIX-TV reported. Washington High administrators notified parents of Audiat’s arrest in a letter Thursday promising to make counseling available. Read the rest of this entry »

[VIDEO] Animal Rights Activist Goes Cuckoo Bananas In San Francisco Restaurant, Unhinged Anti-Meat Rant Goes Viral


Direct Action Everywhere website

Emotionally Fragile Emo Girl Has Breakdown Over Chicken

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) – An animal rights group said they would continue to target restaurants after one of their members stormed into a San Francisco restaurant and gave a tearful speech urging diners not to eat meat.

“I see the suffering that she faced, and I’m so happy that I took her out of there and I want the same for every animal.”

Kelly Atlas of Direct Action Everywhere entered Bluestem Brasserie and spoke out on the plight of her chicken Snow, in a videotaped speech that has gone viral. As of late Monday night, the video had more than 573,000 views.

“We’re so enraged when we hear someone hurting a dog or a cat, but because of this ‘speciesism’ in our minds, we don’t think twice about a chicken being hurt or a pig or a cow.”

Atlas and others said they want equal rights for all animals, not just cats, dogs and other non-food species. Read the rest of this entry »