[VIDEO] Military Operation of the Peshmerga and US Troops in Hawija 

US soldiers and ‎Peshmerga forces have freed 70 hostages in the ‎Kurdish region of North ‎Iraq.. The Pentagon says they were being held by ‎Daesh in a village near the city of Hawija. A spokesman says at least 20 Daesh(isis) militants were killed in the raid. One US soldier also died. It was the first American combat death since the US’ withdrawal from Iraq in 2011.

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Fashion Retailer H&M Forced to Apologize for ‘Kurdish Female Fighter’ Jumpsuit


Peshmerga style?

“The jumpsuit in question is made in a light and comfortable material and is a part of a larger collection consisting of many garments in khaki green, which also is one of the trendiest colors this season.”

Al Arabiya News reports: Top fashion retailer H&M has been forced to apologize after being accused of releasing a new khaki jumpsuit similar to those worn by female Kurdish soldiers currently battling Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants.

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Social media was used on Monday by “dozens” of Kurds to protest the Swedish retailer’s jumpsuit design when it was released in its Autumn/Winter collection earlier this month, according to the Daily Mail.alleged-ozalp-img

“We are truly sorry if we have offended anyone with this piece, this was of course never our intention.”

— Ida Ståhlnacke, H&M’s global press officer

The olive green garment was modeled with a high-waist belt and military boots.

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It appears in the collection as one of its standout pieces. Many have spotted its similarity to the loose-fitting military attire worn by female fighters of the Kurdish People‘s Protection Units (YPG), who have been fighting alongside the Kurdish Peshmerga.

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“At times like these, they choose to capitalise from the brave kurdish fighters in Kurdistan. They should be ashamed of themselves!” one Facebook user named Arwin Banirad wrote on Facebook, adding that the move was “disgraceful.”


Another user, Ali Najat Barzinj, described the piece as his country’s “traditional uniform,” adding that “it is not for everyone. [sic]”

Another social media user suggested that H&M should consider giving some of the proceeds from the jumpsuit sales to the Kurdish fighters and their families, according to the Daily Mail.

In an apology, the retailer said it was “never” in its intention to mimic the Kurdish military style. Read the rest of this entry »

BREAKING: Mail Online UK Reports on Ceylan Ozalp: ‘Did Kurdish Fighters’ Poster Girl Kill Herself to Avoid Being ISIS Hostage?’


 Daily Mail Online

In Memory: Ceylan Ozalp, Kurdish YPG Fighter


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UPDATE 2: German Magazine BILD Features Ceylan Özalp Story — ‘Peshmerga Fighter: Suicide Out of Fear of ISIS Rape’

UPDATE 3: IBTimes Reports on Alleged Battlefield Suicide of YPG Fighter Ceylan Ozalp

UPDATE 4: AL Arabia Reports on Ceylan Ozalp Story; Verification Remains Elusive

Ceylan Ozalp (19), known from the BBC report about Kurdish YPG Women fighters led today with several comrades in the northern Syrian Kurdish city Kobani resistance against the ISIS terrorists.

In Kurdish areas of northern Syria, fighters have been battling Islamic State – or ISIS – for two years – and unlike Iraq’s kurdish forces, they get no help from the west. Gabriel Gatehouse has been northern Syria to meet some of those taking on the jihadists.

“We’re not scared of anything. We’ll fight to the last. We’d rather blow ourselves up than be captured by ISIS.”

— Ceylan Ozalp

Surrounded on all sides and set under attack, she lost all her friends. She fought alone against the supernumerary terrorists. When she had no more ammunition and recognized the hopeless situation, she said goodbye over her radio and killed herself with the last bullet so that she don’t to fall into the hands of the rapists. Read the rest of this entry »

These Women Are Coming to Kill You


Women Warriors from the Turkish PKK have gone into into Iraq to tackle the jihadists

True Girl Power: Crack Unit of Heavily-Armed Female Soldiers Hunting ISIS Kidnappers

A crack unit of female soldiers is on the trail of Islamic State killers who have captured 3,000 innocent women in Iraq.

Thousands of non-Muslim women and girls have been kidnapped by Islamic Statet hugs on the rampage in the country over the past two weeks.

“Our support is just as important for the peshmerga as these US strikes – bombings alone cannot get rid of guerrilla groups.”

They face the terrifying prospect of being forced into marriage, sold as sex slaves or shot if they do not convert to Islam.

Now hundreds of women from the Turkish PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ party) have crossed into Iraq to help push the IS fighters out of the north of Iraq.

“We will keep fighting until all of Kurdistan is safe.”

They are striking fear into the hearts of the Jihadist thugs who believe if they are killed by a woman in battle they will not reach heaven. Read the rest of this entry »

Christmas Day attacks on Christians in Iraq


Christopher Bedford reports:  Christians are under attack in Iraq this Christmas, with a series of car bombs targeting a Catholic church and Christian neighborhoods killing 39 and wounding 60.

The first three bombs went off in a marketplace south of Baghdad in an Assyrian Christian neighborhood, The New York Times reports. Those bombs killed 11 and wounded 22.

Moments later, just a half mile away, terrorists detonated a car bomb as Catholics left St. John’s Catholic Church in Dura, killing 26 and wounding 38. Some of the victims were women and children, and most were Christians, though some were also police officers guarding the service, the Times reports.

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