Note From Kurt Cobain’s Wallet Scorning Courtney Love Released by Seattle Police

Twenty years after Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain was discovered dead in his Seattle home, police have released a note found in his wallet that was kept private until now.



The note, which was obtained by CBS, mocks the rock idol’s vows with his then-wife Courtney Love, adding further intrigue to the two’s marriage and how that and his personal life led to his demise.

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It reads: “Do you Kurt Cobain take Courtney Michelle Love to be your lawful shredded wife,” he wrote. “even when she’s a bitch with zits and siphoning all yr money for doping and whoring…”

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The note is written on stationery from the Phoenix Hotel outside of San Francisco and is in stark contrast to Cobain’s presumed suicide note that calls Love a “goddess of a wife who sweats ambition and empathy.”


Credit: Seattle Police Department

As well, Seattle Police have publicly released 34 photographs taken at the crime scene. See them in a gallery at the Seattle Police Department blotter website

[New Kurt Cobain death scene photos released by Seattle P.D. give previously unseen view of Nirvana singer tragedy – NYDaily News]

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[VIDEO] Kurt Cobain Apparently Still Dead: Police Reviewing Evidence 20 Years Later

A report published Thursday said Seattle Police were re-opening the investigation, but a spokesperson said a cold case detective was going back and looking at old files in preparation for the 20th anniversary of Cobain™’s death. 


UPDATE: Seattle Police Deny Re-Opening Kurt Cobain Death Investigation: 4 Undeveloped Film Rolls Discovered in Evidence Vault


UPDATE: Seattle Police are refuting the KIRO report, and in an effort to correct the record and quash rumors, are getting the message out that the KIRO news story is inaccurate. disappoints conspiracy buffs with this headline: Despite What You’ve Heard, No the Seattle Police Department Has Not Reopened the Investigation into Kurt Cobain’s Death. SPD’s Twitter feed has the following:

Here’s the original KIRO report that started the controversy:

KIRO 7’s Casey McNerthney and Amy Clancy report: Nearly 20 years after Nirvana lead singer Kurt Cobain was found dead in his home near Lake Washington, Seattle police have reexamined the case.

Last month, police developed four rolls of film that had been sitting for years in a Seattle police evidence vault. The 35 mm film was processed by the King County Sheriff’s Office photo lab under high security.

“Kurt went up there for one purpose, which was to commit suicide. And I beleive he did not want to be found and be revived, so he wanted to make a sure way to kill himself…”

Though the pictures have a slight green tint because of deterioration, police say they more clearly show the scene than the earlier Polaroid photos taken by investigators. Police said the case was a suicide in 1994.

“…there were always these conspiracy theorists out there and so I was asked to look at the case and review it.”

— Detective Mike Ciesynski

kurt_cobain_1992“I was requested to look at the case because I’m a cold case detective because it is 20 years later and it’s a high media case,” said Detective Mike Ciesynski, who had the four rolls of film developed and conducted interviews. “And there were always these conspiracy theorists out there and so I was asked to look at the case and review it.”

Tonight only on KIRO 7 Eyewitness News Eleven at 11, we speak with the detective who re-investigated the case about the new details in the investigation.

“Kurt went up there for one purpose, which was to committ suicide,” Ciesynski said. “And I beleive he did not want to be found and be revived, so he wanted to make a sure way to kill himself.” Read the rest of this entry »

Twibal Lawsuit Update: Courtney Love Wins Twitter Defamation Trial


On Friday, a California jury decided that Courtney Love shouldn’t be held liable for a tweet directed at her former attorney Rhonda Holmes.

UnknownThe case is believed to be the first trial in a U.S. courtroom involving allegations of defamation on Twitter. Holmes was hired by Love to handle a fraud case against those managing the estate of Kurt Cobain, but in 2009, the relationship between the colorful rock star and her ex-attorney went south, and Love composed a tweet that read in part, “I was f***ing devestated [sic] when Rhonda J. Holmes esq. of san diego was bought off.”

Holmes sued, claiming the tweet had hurt her reputation.

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