Las Vegas Police Officer Shot in ‘Ambush-Style’ Attack, Expected to Survive, Suspect in Custody


A Las Vegas police officer reportedly received non-life-threatening injuries after a gunman approached his squad car on Sunday and began firing in an ‘ambush-style’ shooting.

A suspect is in custody in the incident, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department tweeted.

Two officers were leaving the scene of a disturbance call at a .99 Cents Only store when an individual walked up to their patrol car while it was stopped at a traffic light and fired three shots, striking one of the officers in the hand, KTNV reported.


Police did not return fire during the encounter, which occurred shortly after noon, local time. The officer who was shot has not yet been named.

The gunman used a semi-automatic handgun, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported. Police pursued the alleged shooter on foot until he dropped his weapon and surrendered, according to Metro Sgt. John Sheahan.

A witness at the scene of Sunday’s shooting told the Review-Journal that the alleged gunman….(read more)

Source: Fox News

At Bob Price reports:

UPDATE 6:54 p.m. PDT: More details emerge in the ambush-style shooting of the Las Vegas police officer. The suspect has been identified by police as a Hispanic male. News3LV reports both officers exited the vehicle when they determined they were taking fire. The passenger officer was struck in the right hand while exiting the vehicle. One of the officers was able to pull a citizen out of the line of fire and move them to a position of safety.  Read the rest of this entry »

5.4-Magnitude Earthquake Rocks Las Vegas


Cassandra Taloma reports: A 5.4-magnitude earthquake shook Las Vegas and surrounding areas Friday morning. The quake, which hit at 11:47 a.m., was centered about 24 miles south-southwest of Caliente, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

“All of our bridge structures are designed to withstand rigorous wind and earthquake loading. Nevada lies within an active seismic zone, which is something that we take into account during the project design and engineering phase.”

—- Tony Illia, spokesman, Nevada Department of Transportation

The earthquake might have caused minor freeway damage in Las Vegas. The ramp from southbound U.S. Route 95 to southbound Interstate 15 was closed due to damage about 12:20 p.m., the Nevada Department of Transportation said in a tweet.

The damage had not been officially linked to the earthquake, but the Nevada Highway Patrol said transportation officials were inspecting the ramp. It was not clear how long it would remain closed. Meanwhile, officers were checking for possible damage at other major freeway interchanges, NHP Trooper Loy Hixson said.


“We are currently inspecting for any potential damage following the recent earthquake in Caliente, including the U.S. Highway 95 southbound ramp to I-15 southbound that is currently closed due to possible structural damage.”

— Tony Illia, Nevada Department of Transportation

The Nevada Department of Transportation won’t be undertaking a widespread inspection of the state’s bridges as a result of the earthquake because most bridges are designed and engineered to withstand small quakes. But a ramp at the Spaghetti Bowl is being checked.

“We are currently inspecting for any potential damage following the recent earthquake in Caliente, including the U.S. (Highway) 95 southbound ramp to I-15 southbound that is currently closed due to possible structural damage,” said Tony Illia, a spokesman for the department. Read the rest of this entry »

Harry Reid’s Brother to Face DUI, Gun Charges

Wesley Juhl reports: Sen. Harry Reid’s brother, Larry Joe Reid, will be charged with drunken driving and a gun charge among others after a run-in with a Nevada Highway larryreidPatrol trooper, the Clark County district attorney’s office said Thursday.

He faces one count each of driving under the influence, battery of a protected person, possession of a firearm while intoxicated, failing to comply with an officer and not wearing a seat belt.

Arrest records obtained by the Review-Journal said a trooper saw a black SUV driven by Reid enter a dirt median from southbound U.S. Highway 95 near the edge of the Boulder City city limit and the turnoff to Nelson about 12:30 a.m. on Feb. 2.

The trooper approached the SUV to see if there was a mechanical problem he could assist with, the report said, but the trooper could not understand Reid due to his incoherent, slurred speech. The trooper asked Reid if he was all right several times, and Reid responded by harry-reid-bruises-afp-640x480asking if he could leave.

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When the trooper said no, Reid cursed at him and began to drive off, the report said. The trooper tried to grab the keys out of the ignition and had to jump onto the running board beneath the driver’s side door to avoid being dragged. The two struggled over the steering wheel, and the trooper pointed his weapon at Reid and ordered him to stop. Read the rest of this entry »

All Your Children Belong to Us


RJ-Glenn CookFor the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Glenn Cook writes: Is any freedom more important, more sacred than the right to raise a family without government intrusion?

It’s a good question to ask this Independence Day weekend, as Americans reflect on the birth of a nation dedicated to the preservation of individual liberties: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

“Don’t pretend to be shocked by this development. This is not a radical, new idea…”

But as government grows bigger and more powerful, as politicians, bureaucrats and busybodies increasingly think they know best, American families constantly must fight interference in their most personal decisions and

[Check out Lenore Skenazy’s book “Free-Range Kids, How to Raise Safe, Self-Reliant Children at]

Of all the threats to our freedoms — warrantless snooping, government secrecy, expanded police powers — none worries me more than the relentless march of the Nanny State, which not only assumes that all parents are unfit to raise children, but that parents themselves must be treated like children.

It’s not a stretch to say that this movement considers all children the property of the state. As proof, look at what’s happening in Scotland.

[Also see: Every Child in Scotland to Be Supervised by State-Appointed Busybody –]

The Scottish government for years has pursued what amounts to state-sponsored surveillance of families. By August 2016 — unless a court or public pressure can stop it — the country will appoint an official state guardian for every child in Scotland. Read the rest of this entry »

[PHOTO] Protest Image of the Day: ‘The First Amendment is Not an Area’


As SteynOnline readers well know, in the wake of Seal Team Six, America has also acquired a Bunny Team Six and a Deer Team Six. Now comes news from Nevada ofCattle Team Six. It’s a long-running story of rights to graze on “federal land” vs protection of the “desert tortoise”, but, like so many disputes with American bureaucrats these days, it ends with paramilitary commandos training their weapons on civilians:

Federal snipers with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) trained guns on members of a family yesterday after they dared to stop and take video footage of cattle…

Whoa, hold that thought! “Federal snipers with the Bureau of Land Management”. As I wrote only last week, if someone wants to stroll in to Fort Hood and shoot as many people as he’s minded to, the fellows on the receiving end have to call 911 and wait for the county sheriff to send a couple of deputies – because “the only government department without a military force at its disposal is the military“. But the Bureau of Land Management has snipers.

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Las Vegas Review-Journal Excoriates Obama as “Unworthy”

From Elizabeth Price Foley, Instapundit:

LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL EXCORIATES OBAMA AS “UNWORTHY”:  WOW.  I’ve never seen anything quite like this. An editorial in today’s Las Vegas Review-Journal–the largest daily circulation paper in Nevada–absolutely slams Obama as an incompetent leader, starting with the Benghazi non-response:

The Obama administration sat by doing nothing for seven hours that night, ignoring calls to dispatch help from our bases in Italy, less than two hours away. It has spent the past seven weeks stretching the story out, engaging in misdirection and deception involving supposed indigenous outrage over an obscure anti-Muslim video, confident that with the aid of a docile press corps this infamous climax to four years of misguided foreign policy can be swept under the rug, at least until after Tuesday’s election.

. . . .

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