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President Obama pauses as he speaks about attacks in Paris from the briefing room of the White House on Friday.

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Unbelievably Shocking Poll: Obama’s Disapproval Rating Hits a New High

Carolyn Kaster/AP

Carolyn Kaster/AP

Who knew? Negative views of Bambi? But he’s a celebrity. How can you not approve?

Negative views of President Obama have hit a new high

The AP-GfK poll shows 59 percent of Americans now disapprove of Obama — a point higher than the previous high set in December.

Obama’s approval rating stands at 41 percent. That’s the second-lowest figure the poll has ever found.

Part of Obama’s problems appear to be related to foreign policy: The poll shows Americans disapprove of his handling of the situation in Ukraine 57-40 and disapprove of how he handles relationships with other countries 58-40.

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