Yes, Millions Were Tortured and Murdered Under Socialism: But Sexually Liberated Dead Women Enjoyed It More

Yes, there was mass genocide behind the Iron Curtain. But doesn’t that mean they didn’t enjoy sexual liberation!


[VIDEO] May Day Reality Check: Why Isn’t Communism as Hated as Nazism?

[VIDEO] REWIND: Milton Friedman on the Immorality of Socialism

Milton Friedman is no fan of socialism. And he walks us through his reasoning. Socialism is force he says. Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and Hitler he reminds us only instituted socialism with the oppression and force agains many people who were disadvantaged. Milton Friedman was an American economist who received the 1976 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.






The Nordic Democratic-Socialist Myth

Socialism is Cool!


This 7-Ton Statue of Lenin Stands in Seattle. It Should Come Down #TakeItDown



By Greg Farrar Friends out on a walk in Fremont take a smartphone picture of one of them standing before the 16-foot tall Lenin statue brought to America by late Issaquah resident Lewis Carpenter.


[PHOTO] Berlin, 1962

Berlin, 1962 - Photo by Floris Neusüss

By Proxy: Ukrainians Pull Down Putin’s Pants

Failed Ideologies 101: Election Year Edition

marx-bastard – 

Polish Town Erects Statue of Peeing Lenin

[VIDEO] Party Like it’s 1989: Lenin Statues Toppled Across Ukraine

Protesters in Bila Tserkva, Khmelnitsky, Zhytomyr in western Ukraine used ropes and crowbars to bring down statues of Lenin which are seen as a symbol of Moscow’s rule across the former USSR.





[VIDEO] The Joy of Hating Communism, Old School: Protesters in Kiev Topple Lenin Statue

Tearing Down Lenin’s Statue in Kiev: Protests in Ukraine’s capital, which have grown steadily for weeks, reached new heights on Sunday when demonstrators toppled a statue of Vladimir Lenin.
English: Vladimir Lenin‘s monument in Borzna, ...

“I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”  Vladimir Lenin‘s (former) monument in Borzna, Ukraine Українська: Пам’ятник В.І.Леніну в центрі Борзни, Україна Русский: Памятник В.И.Ленину в центре города Борзна, Украина 

KIEV, Ukraine and  report: Protesters in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, toppled the city’s main statue of Lenin on Sunday and then pounded it into chips with a sledgehammer as a crowd chanted and cheered. The destruction of the statue was a cathartic moment in the biggest day of demonstrations so far against President Viktor F. Yanukovich’s turn away from Europe.

Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians filled the streets of Kiev on Sunday, first to hear speeches and music and then to fan out and erect barricades in the district where government institutions have their headquarters.

Carrying blue-and-yellow Ukrainian and European Union flags, the teeming crowd filled Independence Square, where protests have steadily gained momentum since Mr. Yanukovich refused on Nov. 21 to sign trade and political agreements with the European Union. The square has been transformed by a vast and growing tent encampment, and demonstrators have occupied City Hall and other public buildings nearby. Thousands more people gathered in other cities across the country.

“Resignation! Resignation!” people in the Kiev crowd chanted on Sunday, demanding that Mr. Yanukovich and the government led by Prime Minister Mykola Azarov leave office.

With the police nowhere to be seen in the city center, protesters in Bessarabia Square toppled the Lenin statue using steel cables and cranks as a crowd gathered to watch. “People were waiting for this for decades,” said one man in the crowd, Leon Belokur. “Now it’s happened.”

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