[PHOTO] Lightning And Rainbow Captured Together In Once In A Lifetime Shot


Julija Televičiūtė writes: It’s been 7 years since Greg McCown has been trying to photograph a lightning bolt and rainbow in one shot. The spectacular image the 42-year-old- real estate salesperson saw once when driving to work in Arizona left such an impression that he knew he had to shoot it someday. He finally succeeded….(read more)

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[VIDEO] BOURBAGEDDON: Lightning Strike, ‘Firenado’ at Jim Beam Kentucky Whiskey Factory, Rivers Flow with Flaming Liquor 

Footage has emerged of the extraordinary blaze caused by lightning striking a whiskey factory – sparking a ‘firenado’ of flaming alcohol to be sucked up into the sky.

A Kentucky warehouse, which produces Jim Beam bourbon, was battered by lightning, heavy rain and strong winds simultaneously in 2003. Aerial footage taken during the blaze has been obtained by The Weather Channel and shows how a river of alcohol and flames spewed forth from the burning factory.

The combination of wind, rain and whiskey meant that water laced with alcohol was whipped into a funnel- sparking the fire which tore through the factory. Read the rest of this entry »

[VIDEO] ‘Dirty Thunderstorm’: Rare Footage of Volcanic Lightning Storm Captured During Eruption of a Volcano on Kyushu Island

German videographer Marc Szeglat managed to capture video of an extremely rare volcanic lightning storm in the plume of Sakurajima, a highly active volcano location on the Japanese island of Kyushu. The phenomenon, also known as a dirty thunderstorm, occurs when particles from the eruption collide to produce static charges….(read more)

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Apple Takes a Bullet: LA County sheriff’s deputy saved by iPhone charger cable

"If it weren't for that Bible, the bullet woulda gone right through my heart"

“If it weren’t for that Bible iPhone charger cable in my pocket, the bullet would’a gone right through my hip”

Steven Sande reports:  A Los Angeles (Calif.) County sheriff’s deputy was injured in a shooting Tuesday morning in Inglewood, Calif., but things could have been worse had it not been for an Apple Lightning charger cable that was in her pocket. The charger cable actually deflected a bullet that would have otherwise been embedded in the deputy’s hip.

In a tweet from the LA County Sheriff official Twitter account, the brave sacrifice of the Lightning cable in taking one for its owner was referred to as a “miracle.” From the looks of the cable, the USB end took the brunt of the bullet. Needless to say, the deputy may need to visit an Apple Store soon and get a replacement.

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