Comics: Fujiko Exhibition Focuses on Manufacturing in Manga


The Fujiko F. Fujio Hometown Art Gallery in Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture, is celebrating its first anniversary with an exhibition on the theme of manufacturing in manga by Fujiko F. Fujio (1933-96).

Fujiko, who came from Takaoka, is known as the creator of “Doraemon” and other manga. The gallery introduces his life and work.

The ongoing commemorative exhibition, titled “Gengaten: Kiteretsu Daihyakka to Monozukuri,” features scenes from his manga showing characters making things. Takaoka is known as a city of manufacturing — hence the theme.

Many of Fujiko’s original drawings on display come from “Kiteretsu Daihyakka” (Kiteretsu encyclopedia), the central character of which loves to tinker with anything mechanical. There are pages from other works by Fujiko as well, including “Doraemon” and “Tebukuro Tetchan.”

The 30 original drawings currently on display will be changed twice during the exhibition, in April and August. In all, 90 original works from the Fujiko collection will be displayed in the exhibition, which will continue through the end of November next year.

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Comics: ‘Human Insect Diary’


Vintage Magazine: Girl’s Club! 少女クラブ


Humanoid Robots as Models: Julie Watai’s Manga & Otaku-Inspired Photography

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Japanese photographer Julie Watai creates manga and otaku-inspired photography, often using humanoid robots as models. Watch TheCreatorsProject‘s exclusive video on her here.


Batman: Japanese Magazine ‘Boy King’


First bubble is magazine title, reads “Boy King”. Second bubble reads “Send me letter. Sei Suzuki”

Japan: ‘Boys Magazine’ 1960s


‘Special Edition for Summer Vacation’

バットマン Jiro Kuwata: ‘Batman’



Vintage Japanese Pulp: ‘The Practical Science for Boys & Girls’, November 1949


Japan: Strange Aquatic Dream ‘Underwater Ghost City: End of the World’


‘Underwater Ghost City: End of the World’

Vintage Pop: Astro Boy Manga, Japan 1965


Astro Boy Manga 

Fortune Cookie

Vintage Sci-Fi Illustration of the Day “Moon of Hatred: Era of Monsters”


Translated –  “Moon of Hatred: Era of Monsters”