Super Bowl Wins by Country 


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The US Election Without the Electoral College


Mapping the United Swears of America

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Source: Mapping the United Swears of America

Astonishing Visualization: The Refugee Crisis


America the Beautiful


Stormfront Penetrating Deep into New England


On Tuesday, shared a graphic that showed a rainy day in the Northeast.

Needless to say, the graphic certainly got a rise out of the news anchors at WGN.

The image made the rounds on social media on Tuesday…

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Oldest Known Globe Depicting the Americas, Fashioned from Ostrich Eggs, 1504


Oldest known globe depicting the Americas, made on two lower halves of ostrich eggs, 1504

East Coast Media Struggling to Understand Western Frustration with Federal Land Grabs Should Study this Map

A Map of Every Device in the World that’s Connected to the Internet