Interactive Panorama Lets You Stand on Mars

Caked in red silt, NASA’s Curiosity rover looks like it’s been trekking through a Martian dust storm in this latest interactive panorama. But nothing can tarnish the joy of seeing this incredible machine hard at work on another planet.

The dust-covered robot is currently preparing for its third drilling operation on Mars, at a site nicknamed the Kimberley. In recent days, engineers have inspected and scrubbed the dust from a spot on a rock they named “Windjana,” after a gorge in Western Australia. (Too bad the rover can’t turn its wire bristle dust removal tool on itself.) Curiosity has already done preparatory drill work and will soon sample some of Windjana’s interior. The rover will run this sample through a series of tests to give scientists a better understanding of the history of water in this area...(read more)


How to Build an Internet Controlled Mars Rover

How to Build an Internet Controlled Mars Rover

Okay, it’s not really on Mars, in this photo, but, this is an Internet Controlled Mars Rover

This Instructable will explain everything you need to know to build an internet controlled all terrain robot. This one just happens to be modelled on the Mars Curiosity rover. This robot is controllable from any internet enabled device so you can control this thing on the other side of the planet (or Mars if only it had the internet). This project is all powered by the amazing Electric Imp (an SD card sized device that allows you to connect anything to the internet) and an Arduino.

This project was created by Michael Shorter, Tom Metcalfe, Jon Rogers and Ali Napier at the Product Design Research Studio, Dundee.

More at: How to Build an Internet Controlled Mars Rover.