Punch in the Nuts: Ronan Farrow Rips Golden Globes’ Woody Allen Tribute On NBC

 writes:  First Mia Farrow tweeted she was turning off the Golden Globes on NBC when they went to the Woody Allen tribute. Now her son and upcoming MSNBC host Ronan Farrow lashed out against his mother’s former longtime companion, also on Twitter.

This comes after MSNBC is still trying to get over the successive embarrassment of departures of Alec Baldwin and Martin Bashir for incendiary remarks and Melissa Harris-Perry‘s ill-considered comments targeting Mitt Romney’s adopted black grandson.

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Bashir vs. Breitbart: Disgraced (Former) MSNBC Host Martin Bashir Interviews the Legendary Andrew Brietbart

[Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World]

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On Wednesday, MSNBC’s Martin Bashir formally tendered his resignation from his daily show. Bashir had been absent from his show since November 22, prompting rumors from inside the network that he had been suspended; MSNBC had maintained that he was merely on vacation. Bashir was under heavy fire for his comments in which he stated that someone should “p*ss” and “s***” in Sarah Palin’s mouth. He issued an on-air apology, but criticism of MSNBC never waned, especially given the fact that his monologue suggesting such misogyny was backed by the network itself. MSNBC is expected to release its own comment shortly.

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BREAKING: Martin Bashir to Replace Phil Griffin as President of MSNBC NBC News


In a surprise move, controversial commentator Martin Bashir has been tapped to lead NBC in 2014 as the network’s new President. “I couldn’t be happier”, said Bashir, “I think as a news organization, we’re on the right track, heading in the right direction. An NBC spokesman confirmed the transition. “We think Martin’s a great choice to bring dynamism and creativity to the network. We’re proud to have Mr. Bashir take on these new responsibilities.”   Read the rest of this entry »

Time to Pull the Plug on MSNBC?

A network news ethic that could use a mercy killing

A network news ethic that could use a mercy killing

Carl M. Cannon writes: Last Friday, MSNBC anchorman Martin Bashir suggested that anyone who uses the word “slavery” too lightly should be forced to eat human feces. Although Bashir had Sarah Palin in mind for this torture, his own standard might have necessitated its infliction closer to home — as Bashir has used the same metaphor himself.

Bashir’s detractors immediately pointed out this inconsistency. Several of these critics said this disgusting punishment would be more befitting Bashir.

I have a better idea. NBC could just yank this kind of programming. If it did, the network that provides its anchors a platform for crude daily rants would be honoring its own legacy, which harks back to the very beginning of the medium.

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