For Some Bizarre Reason, Jim McDermott is STILL an Elected Official, Embarrassing Himself and his Constituents, on Live TV

SCoaMF Jim McDermott struggles to defend his jackass remarks in an interview with Megyn Kelly, feels victimized when asked direct questions. 

Who the heck is this moron, Jim McDermott? And why is he still on the public payroll?

In 2010 Michelle Malkin writes:

For those of you who may have forgotten, radical leftist Democrat Rep. Jim McDermott earned the infamous moniker “Baghdad Jim” after traveling to Iraq in the fall of 2002 for a Saddam-backed junket before the U.S. invasion.

McDermott is also the defiant lawbreaker who leaked a tape of an illegally tapped phone conversation by GOP leaders to the New York Times. McDermott was found by a federal appeals court to have violated the rights of GOP Leader John Boehner, who was heard on the 1996 call involving former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, and was ordered to to pay Boehner more than $700,000 for leaking the taped conversation. The court ordered McDermott to pay Boehner more than $700,000 for leaking the taped conversation. The figure includes $60,000 in damages and more than $600,000 in legal costs. A court had to force McDermott to pay the money — now up to $1 million. It’s unclear how much he has actually ponied up since that ruling.

McDermott is still in office, backed by corruptocrat Democrat leaders. He took to the House floor over the weekend to condemn conservatives (including yours truly) and “Teabaggers” for their “indecency.” Our crime? Having the audacity to question Democrat pro-health care takeover anecdotes and to challenge their indecent kiddie human shield strategy. refreshes our memory further:

McDermott once complained from the well of the House that he was “tired of reading the Constitution” and other “silly” related documents.

Prior to the American attack on the Saddam Hussein regime, the Iraqi Secret Police, Jihaz Al-Mukhabarat Al-A’ma, secretly financed a trip to Iraq for three very vocal anti-war U.S. Members of Congress.

One of those three recipients of Saddam Hussein’s largesse was Congressman Jim McDermott.

In 2008, Rep. McDermott was court ordered to pay over $1 million in attorney’s fees to another Member of Congress.

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Delusional Dem. Rep. Lashes Out at Targeted Witnesses: “Hey, You Asked For It”

Rep. Jim McDermott (D-WA) not only blamed the victims of the IRS’s targeting on Tuesday–he also implied the IRS would have been justified targeting conservative and Tea Party groups if the agency did so based on what the groups stood for instead of on the words in their names.

At a House Ways and Means hearing in which six leaders of organizations the IRS had targeted were testifying, McDermott said the “mistake here was the staff used the names of the organizatiions instead of the work they do.”

McDermott lashed out at the witnesses, saying “each of your groups are highly political” and said that Tea Party and conservative groups that were essentially asking for “a tax break” were trying to game the system and should have been scrutinized for submitting applications for tax-exempt status. He continued by saying taxpayers should know “which side you fall on” and whether groups were interested in finding voters who vote without IDs or doing things like promoting Communist views.

He called the hearings a “circus” and “political theatre” and accused Republicans for looking for a “conspiracy” that did not exist. He suggested the law should be rewritten to prevent groups that engage in political activity from getting tax-exempt status.

He also then went on a rant against George W. Bush and accused the Bush administration of targeting liberal groups “without any concern.”

An exasperated Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), who was the next to question, told the witnesses, “so you’re to blame …I guess that’s the message.” Ryan noted that he asked ousted acting IRS commissioner Steven Miller whether the agency targeted groups that had names affiliated with progressive groups in their application, and Miller replied those groups were not targeted.

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