[VIDEO] REWIND: ”Is England Still Influencing America?’ Christopher HItchens on Firing Line with William F. Buckley Jr., 1990

Subject: ‘Is England Still Influencing America’
Firing Line 1990


[VIDEO] A Life that Matters: Bret Baier’s Profile of Charles Krauthammer

America’s leading political pundit Charles Krauthammer guards his private life to the degree that, until this recent flush of publicity for his book, many people knew very little about the man. Myself included. Other than his authoritative TV news commentary, and his Washington Post columns. We know he’s former New Deal/Great Society Liberal, Mondale speechwriter, who shifted to the right in the 1980s and ’90s. We know he has a Medical degree from Harvard. And we know he isn’t above throwing a sharp elbow to Republicans who don’t meet his standards of restraint and moderation, branding them as suicidal extremists. Much to the delight of Democrats seeking anti-Republican ammunition from a respected figure on the right.

Most viewers, and half the people that meet him in person for the first time (including Sean Hannity) had no idea Krauthammer is disabled. (I didn’t know until 2012) because of his stoic, FDR-like avoidance of being photographed in a wheelchair. He’s successfully made it a non-issue, and rarely discusses it publicly.

Krauthammer is the originator of the *insert president’s name here* “doctrine” tradition, when he articulated Reagan’s foreign policy agenda–something Reagan himself hadn’t even done–in a 1985 TIME Magazine column, and the tradition stuck. Now every president is required to have a doctrine, as Michael Kinsley dryly notes. (as you’ll see in the video)

Another thing I didn’t know: unlike his peers–who publish stacks of books decade after decade (George Will has at least 12) before the newly-released Things That Matter, Charles Krauthammer published (that I know of) only two: Democratic Realism: An American Foreign Policy for a Unipolar World (Jan 1, 2004) and Cutting edges: Making sense of the eighties (1985) This book promises to be his most revealing.

Over at the The CornerJonah Goldberg enthusiastically notes that Charles Krauthammer’s new book is currently #1 on Amazon.