[VIDEO] This Boeing 777 Made of Manila Folders Is Almost as Detailed as the Real Thing

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Popular Mechanics

Billiken Godzilla: Model Kit Box Art


Billiken Godzilla, 1954 (Model Kit Box Art)

Morale Booster: Japan Self-Defense Forces 2014 calendar


I was disappointing to discover that actual members of the Japan Self-Defense Forces aren’t featured in this calendar, but bikini models and pop sex-symbols from the civilian world. Still, it’s an effective recruitment campaign…

RocketNews24‘s  reports:

Images of the 2014 Japan Self-Defense Forces calendar depicting beautiful women in uniform have been popping up on portal sites around Japan. The calendars were created to raise awareness of the JSDF and to “lift morale.” However, with this year’s choice to use, not actual members of the Japan Self-Defense Forces, but bikini model Azusa Yamamoto, among others, we have a feeling this calendar will be lifting a lot more than morale.

Here’s a sample:


Applications for the Self-Defense Forces increased by 20 percent with the addition of three moe mascots on their recruitment posters. We wonder how many young men and women this models-turned-military calendar will inspire…

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Table for One? Valentine’s Day is an ‘All-Time Record’ Day for Webcam Porn

Illustration: WIRED

Illustration: WIRED

Max Willens reports:  There are several million single guys in this country, and many of them will spend Valentine’s Day online with webcam models: sex workers paid to chat — and usually a whole lot more — via the magic of the internet. Although most are women, there are a fair number of male models too. The ratio, by some estimates, is about two to one.

No matter their gender, today is a big day. Valentine’s Day is the big, heart-shaped exception to the rule that holidays are rough on the Internet porn biz. Come February 14, traffic surges, money flies, and models know they can earn thousands of dollars in mere hours.

“It is the big money-generating day,” said Natalie Star, a cam model who spent years with Webcam Modeling Agency but now works by appointment only. “If you think about it, there’s hundreds of thousands of lonely guys, they don’t have wives, they don’t have girlfriends. It’s huge, not only for the customers that know you, but for the girls who are trying to build their audiences.”

“Camming” has been around since the 1990s, but it’s only taken off in the past five years with the ubiquity of high-speed internet and webcams.

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