[VIDEO] 2014 Corvette Stingray Commercial

This video isn’t new, for Corvette enthusiasts, (bat signal to our ‘vette editor-at-large) but if you’ve seen it in movie theaters recently, then you’ll recognize it, and how much fun it is on the big screen. Last weekend I attended a screening of Gravity in 3-D (a whole other subject, don’t read the reviews if you haven’t seen it, just go see it, it’s is as good as they say it is) and this was one of the clips that played along with the previews and ads. Normally I detest advertising when I’ve already paid $14 to see a feature motion picture, in a movie theater, instead of staying home, where I expect to see ads, but this was definitely an exception. This YouTube video barely does it justice. On the big screen, it’s thrilling, one of the best car ads I’ve seen. Has anyone else seen this on the big screen? Let’s hear.


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