[VIDEO] YouTube Sensation: Spamusement Park Project, Beppu, Japan 湯~園地計画!


The Japanese city of Beppu is known for its countless hot springs and spas that pop up around them. So much so, that the city’s mayor, Yasuhiro Nagano, pledged to build an entire spa-themed amusement park—although it might not be quite as awesome as the one featured in this promotional video.

The “spamusement” park’s development hinged on this promo video hitting a million views, which it did just a few days after hitting YouTube. The city’s mayor has since announced plans to begin planning and development of the park, and we’re really hoping that bathtub roller coaster makes the cut…(more)


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Here’s Your Head, What’s Your Hurry?


It’s not just Amy Schumer…

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[VIDEO] ‘Pay My Foundation’

‘If you wanna get to the top, don’t let the rules hold you back. You know what I’m sayin’?’

Original song from Slick Willy Records


By Nortorious H.R.C.

[VIDEO] Jeff Beck and Tal Wilkenfeld: ‘Women of Ireland’ 




[VIDEO] Chinese University’s Video Boldly Goes Where Others Have Gone Before

Te-Ping Chen writes: China has long struggled with the question of how to build world-class universities Fudan-tokyo-video-wsjthat encourage creativity and innovation. This week, that challenge was again in the spotlight after Shanghai’s prestigious Fudan University – one of the country’s best schools – pulled a glossy promotional video from its website, following a public outcry over allegations of plagiarism.

Posted earlier this week, the video bears a striking resemblance to the University of Tokyo’s official promotional video, “Explorer,” which was released last year. In it, an astronaut walks through campus and the city of Tokyo, narrating in English in a contemplative voice.

“I took this city as an explorer, ate with strangers from the same bowl, laughed, partied together, became a family,” the astronaut intones in English, as the video shows footage of her busting various moves on a laser beam-lit dance floor. The video culminates with a shot of the main character removing her white helmet to reveal a woman identified as astronaut Naoko Yamazaki, class of 1993.

Fudan University’s film follows a similar arc, with the main character dressed in a flight suit and shown partying on a dance floor. When she whips off her helmet at the end of the video, it is revealed that she is Le Yafei, class of 2009 and a flight test engineer.

Social media users were quick to mock the video, which the university explained earlier this week was produced in English in keeping with its increasingly internationalized campus. Read the rest of this entry »

At $340 million, Barack Obama owns World Record for Most Expensive Music Videos Ever

The Left’s Most Trusted Newsclowns

[VIDEO] Watch the Nun Who Won Italy’s The Voice Perform ‘Like a Virgin’

timeTIME reports: The nun who won Italy’s version of The Voice is out with a music video for her single “Like a Virgin.” Her debut album Sister Cristina, out Nov. 11, will feature covers of Coldplay’s “Fix You” and Alicia Keys’s “No One” — the song she performed during her audition that went viral, racking up nearly 62 million views on YouTube.

For comparison, here is Madonna’s music video for “Like a Virgin”:

[VIDEO] ‘Music to Watch Girls By’

[VIDEO] Yes They Can! Hassan Rouhani Music Video: Iran’s answer to Obama Personality-Cult Presidency

An MTV-style video shows Iran’s new president, Hassan Rouhani, riding high after 100 days in office

, and Naeim Karimi report: With its gentle acoustic guitar and message of tolerance and world peace, the MTV-style video has the feel of a celebrity charity song. But as a succession of young men and women sing in front of the microphones, the presence of a sombre, white-turbaned cleric shows that this is no routine pop production.

Still triumphant from his recent nuclear deal with the West, Iran’s new president, Hassan Rouhani, got a new starring role last week – this time in a music video marking his 100th day in office. Given that musical instruments are banned on state television, its depiction of a male guitarist an d female drummer would itself be enough to annoy the Islamic Republic’s hardliners. But the lyrics, too, could not be further from the “Death to America” rhetoric associated with Iran during the last 30 years.

“Let our hearts be cleaned of resentment, let conciliation and friendship substitute animosity,” the song goes. “The road ahead is long and I am a new traveller.” Shot by the team that did Mr Rouhani’s summer election campaign, the video, entitled “New Traveler”, attracted nearly half a millions viewers in its first day online, many of them noting its clear similarities to Barack Obama’s 2008 “Yes We Can” film.

And much though Iran’s hardliners may resent it, right now the comparison seems justified.

For 100 days in, Mr Rouhani is riding high on the same kind of popularity that Mr Obama enjoyed at the start of his first term, with reform-minded Iranians finally hopeful that the country is heading for better times.

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What’s worse than Instagramming about food? Singing about it: Alison Gold’s music video for ‘Chinese Food’

The Rebecca Black Corollary — a.k.a. Ark Music Factory — has spawned another evil, and this time she’s hungry (for more than just milk and cereal).

Any artist has been told to write/paint/sing what you know. Our girl Alison Gold (hopefully a stage name, so this won’t haunt her LinkedIn when she’s trying to land an entry-level marketing job in eight years) is just singing about her passion: “Chinese Food.” And more disturbing than this song’s terrible Auto-Tune is its cracked-out music video. WHAT IS HAPPENING?

From the time that I saw the video Tuesday morning, it has gotten a a million more views. I don’t want to alarm you, but it’s kind of a thing. In case you want to avoid having “get me broc-co-li, while I play Mo-nop-o-ly” stuck in your head for the next eight hours, but like staying abreast on viral YouTube world news, here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the video’s plot:

Before getting around to the chow mein event, Alison establishes some background information: “After ballin’, I go clubbin’, then I’m huggin’.” She’s standing in the middle of a suburban street, so it’s probably been a pretty long walk from the clubs, and hugging really works up an appetite. It only makes sense that she’s hungry.


Hark! What’s that?


It’s a Chinese restaurant that seems to be owned and operated by this 11-year-old girl. Her positive attitude has gotten her far in the restaurant-franchising industry.

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