[VIDEO] Special Report Panel: US-Israel Ties Strained by Anti-Settlement Vote 

Fourteen members of the U.N. Security Council raise their hands in affirmation of a resolution demanding an end to Israeli settlements. The U.S., which had veto power, abstained from the vote, thereby allowing it to pass. Photo: Albin Lohr-Jones/Zuma Press


OH YES THEY DID: Topless Protesters Arrested at Trump’s Polling Place


Donald Trump wasn’t scheduled to arrive at his polling place until late morning on Tuesday, but the public school in Manhattan was filled with commotion hours earlier as two women ripped off their shirts in protest.


Photos snapped by the New York Daily News show the women had written lewd slogans across their chests, which they exposed in the crowded gymnasium where Trump was to vote later in the day. Some of the messages scrawled across the womens’ bodies appeared to be a reaction to the leaked audiotape in which Trump boasts of his unwanted sexual advances. Read the rest of this entry »

De Blasio: Man of the People

The chopper landing was then abruptly canceled after an angry dad started griping to cops about the intrusion, threatening to post pictures of the mayoral interruption on social media, a source said.

The extended seventh-inning stretch got underway at Harlem River Park during an Aug. 9 Little League game when the NYPD cleared the diamond of two under-14 teams, one dad told The Post.

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The cops “basically told everybody to get off the field,” the dad said.

“The mayor wants to land his helicopter here,” he recalled police telling him.

And when he griped to the officers they sympathized. “They said it’s absolutely ridiculous cuwgkeuwcaqtdsm_135066003and that I should file a complaint,” said the dad, who didn’t want his name printed for fear of retribution.

Another angry dad confirmed the story.

De Blasio was slated to deliver remarks at Gracie Mansion at 7 pm that evening and visited an injured firefighter at Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx earlier that day. He had nothing else on his public schedule.

Police said he was taking the whirlybird from the Bronx because traffic was backed up, the dad recalled.

“It’s ridiculous,” he fumed. “The guy feels he’s so entitled to do whatever he wants.”

Another dad confirmed that police said it was de Blasio who was supposed to land on the field. Read the rest of this entry »

Daily News Cover: ‘I’m With Stupid’


New York Daily News December 6, 2015


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Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Friction: Director Calls Cops ‘Murderers’: New York Daily News

Front page of the New York Daily News for October 27, 2015 Bill Bratton on Tarantino. Headline: "Inglorious Bastard"

Quentin Tarantino has some pulp friction with the NYPD commissioner.

Front page of the New York Daily News for October 27, 2015 Bill Bratton on Tarantino. Headline: “Inglorious Bastard”

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[VIDEO] Knife? That’s Not a Knife: Pittsburg Cashier Defends Convenience Store from Masked Machete-Wielding Teen Bandits


A Pittsburgh cashier armed with a sword chased off two would-be machete-wielding robbers, police said. Below is what appears to be raw security video.

New York Daily News  reports:

Don’t bring a machete to a sword fight.

A Pennsylvania convenience store worker clerk one-upped two machete-wielding thieves who tried to rob his store and chased them off with his own bigger blade, police said.

Two teens wearing masks busted into Perry Market in Pittsburgh just before 10 p.m. Friday.

Both of the wannabe robbers were armed with footlong knives. One pointed his at a customer. The second jumped behind the counter and demanded cash from the on-duty clerk.

But the well-prepared cashier refused to give in. Instead, the clerk swatted at the weapon — and pulled out his sword.


“Then when he hit the sword that the dude had in his hand — my brother hit the sword — he ran away,” the clerk’s brother M.C. Hydare told WPXI. Hydare said he was in the store during the robbery. Read the rest of this entry »

Oscars: Ambiguous Headline of the Night


 NY Daily News

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The New York Daily News has placed the Jerusalem massacre on it’s front page early this morning

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