[VIDEO] New Footage Shows French Police in Shootout with Suspect in St.Denis

[VIDEO] DEVELOPING: Explosions and Heavy Gunfire in North Paris as Elite Police Hunt Attacker; Officers Reported Injured


‘Police Intervention’: Public Transportation Has Been Blocked in the Region

Reuters reports: Shots rang out in the Saint Denis area of northern Paris early on Wednesday as special police forces launched an operation to catch one of the suspects from Friday night’s shooting in the French capital, TV stations BFMTV and iTele both reported.

BFMTV said some police had been wounded during the operation….





MORE: Keiligh Baker for MailOnline reports:

‘Heavy gunfire’ has broken out in a northern suburb of Paris during an anti-terrorist police operation, just five days after the worst terrorist attacks in French history killed 129 people in the capital.

Shots are being exchanged in the large police operation in Saint-Denis which began in the early hours of this morning. A special armed response unit is taking part in the raid and at least one police officer has been hurt,

Reports indicate ‘two or three men’ have barricaded themselves into an apartment in the centre of the suburb, which is currently surrounded by dozens of police cars with a police helicopter overhead.

There was an exchange of gunfire during the operation in the Paris suburb of Saint-Denis in the early hours of this morning. Fire fighters said one person was ‘lightly’ injured during the raid

French media reports the raid is part of an ongoing operation to catch the ninth suspect involved in Friday night’s terror attacks in the French capital, who is thought to be on the run.

Fire fighters initally said one person was lightly injured, but French TV stations BFMTV and iTele both reported ‘several’ police officers had been wounded during the operation.

The suburb of St Denis is where the Stade de France, one of the targets of Friday’s attacks, is located. On Friday three suicide bombers blew themselves up during a friendly football match.

A police official says there have been exchanges of gunfire and special SWAT teams are on the scene.

Police have blocked off Place Jean Jaurès in Saint Denis, just north of Paris.

French authorities have said they are searching for at least two people involved in last Friday’s attacks, which killed at least 129 people and seven terrorists. Read the rest of this entry »