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[VIDEO] M&M’s Dissolving in Water, Viewed Under a Sony A7R M2 Camera


Sometimes there’s nothing more awesome than finding beauty in unexpected places. When the team at Beauty of Science dropped a few M&M’s into water under a Sony A7R M2 camera they discovered that the time-lapse process of the candy dissolving was incredibly beautiful.

Watch as each piece of candy becomes a sugary supernova:

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Christmas Ornaments: Santa Pigeon Tree Topper, Bibo, a Crazy Cat Lady, and More

Source: Archie McPhee

[VIDEO] Squirrel Identity Theft! 

BBC Springwatch recently shared this awesome video of a grey squirrel using one of our Horse Head Squirrel Feeders. He’s determined to retrieve a tasty treat from inside the feeder, but in the meantime he looks like a horse-squirrel hybrid who’s possibly had one too many hazelnut daiquiris.


To watch squirrel shenanigans like this from the comfort of your own home simply order a Horse Head Squirrel FeederUnicorn Squirrel Feeder, or Big Head Squirrel Feeder, fill it with nuts, and hang it up in your yard. The squirrels will take care of the rest.

[via BBC Springwatch]

Vintage Toy: ‘My Beetle is Huge, and It Walks As If It’s Real’, Japan, 1970


‘Six Krazy Little Comics Covers’, Art by Wally Wood, Topps Comics, 1967

[PHOTO] Sailors Playing Pinball


RNC Souvenirs Are Getting Very Weird

[TOYS] Pocket Transistor Radios Manufactured During the 1950’s & 1960’s

Great website focusing on the design and history of pocket transistor radios manufactured between 1954 and 1965.





OH YES: Alfred Hitchcock Action Figure

Mondo collaborated with artists Trevor Grove and Michael Norman to create this 1/6 scale collectible figure of filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock. The action figure includes:

Director’s Chair
2 Cigars (1 lit & 1 unlit)
Butcher Knife
4 Interchangeable Hands…(read more)


Source: Dangerous Minds

Mr. Mercury Box Art, 1950s




‘Happy Fatties’ Attract Shoppers in East China 

Department of Delicious Deception: Realistic Turkey Cake Pops

Thanksgiving is over, but the Department of Delicious Deception is still enjoying roast turkey in the form of these awesome Realistic Turkey Cake Pops. Creative baker Semadar Gordel of the COOKIEdough custom bakery made these tiny turkey treats using lemon-flavored cake and strawberry frosting. The drumsticks and wings are made of fondant and the succulent caramel-colored turkey skin is fondant that’s been hand-painted with a mixture of gel food coloring and vodka.

If you find yourself craving Turkey Cake Pops, Gordel also created an excellent Instructables tutorial so that you can make your own batch of itty-bitty roast birds.

[via Nerdist and Instructables]

Source: Archie McPhee’s

OUT: ‘Clock Boy’ IN: CLOCK GIRL! Swedish Woman Invents ‘Slapping Alarm Clock’ 


Japan: Shrimp-Shaped Pillow


Source: Archie McPhee’s

Boy Defends Mars (Somebody Has To!)


Here’s Your Head What’s Your Hurry?


‘Smoke A Dick’ Bubble Gum Cigars


Smoke A Dick  – 

Planet Robot Key Wound Motor Sparky


[PHOTOS] LEGO Electric Guitar

Source: Archie McPhee’s Endless Geyser of AWESOME!

[VIDEO] Guitar Made from Chips!

Ever seen a guitar made from chips? Ever seen anybody play a chip guitar? Didn’t think so. To celebrate Quesopalooza, we created a video that rocks as much as giving away free queso on September 17, 2015.

tumblr_nuucw77rwZ1qzfsnio2_r1_1280 tumblr_nuucw77rwZ1qzfsnio3_r1_1280 tumblr_nuucw77rwZ1qzfsnio1_1280 tumblr_nuucw77rwZ1qzfsnio7_r1_540

[PHOTO] White Soap Baby


[PHOTO] Lily Munster A&W Root Beer


[VIDEO] Turn Your Hand into a Centaur!


Handitaur – Having a hand is great, but imagine if you had a centaur at the end of your arm. That’s where Handitaur comes in. It transforms your hand into a mystical, magical, beardy centaur.

Get one here



[VIDEO] Salavat Fidai: Pencil Tip Carving

Amazing carving into the head of a pencil by Salavat FidaiSee more of his work here.
Music by 10YRWAR



EAIt163y_biggerPantsuit up. Via Twitter




Vintage Toy: Atom Bomber


Look Out, Daylight Savings Time is Coming: Bomb-Shaped 10 Sec Countdown Alarm Clock

This is pretty funny. Apparently it works best with USB plugged in, not via batteries, if you plan to really use it as a clock, rather than just a novelty count-down device.  Why not have a couple of sticks of (pretend) dynamite for a clock? Wouldn’t the bomb be a wake-up motivator? …if you had this beside your bed?


  • 100% brand new and high quality novelty bomb-shaped defusable alarm clock
  • Unique shape and design, perfect for a gift to your best friend or family who sleep too much
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, charge via USBcable

Order your Bomb-Shaped Countdown Alarm Clock from Amazon

For some people, there’s nothing worse than having to wake up in the morning, crawling out from beneath a nest of warm covers into the cold atmosphere generated by an air conditioner or inclement weather. These dreadful first few moments of the day are often further exacerbated by the annoying clang of an alarm clock. Now we will recommend you a novelty bomb-like defusable alarm clock. If you want that annoying noise to stop, you’re going to have to defuse the bomb on your bedside table. Well, the bomb isn’t really a bomb but it’s just an alarm clock designed to look like a bomb, complete with sticks of dynamite and colored wires.


Color: as shown in the pictures

Material: electronic components, kraft paper and rubber tape
100% brand new and high quality novelty bomb-shaped defusable alarm clock
With built-in rechargeable lithium battery, it can be charged via the provided USB charging cable

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Deli Meat Architecture: Football Stadium

Super Bowl Antipasta

Ace of Spades HQ

icePhone: Because everyone wants to look like they’re talking on a popsicle

icePhone: Because everyone wants to look like they're talking on a popsicleWhen you’re a little kid, any slightly long object turns into your own personal phone. The remote control, a banana, maybe even a sausage have all served as substitute talking devices for children not quite old enough to have their own fully-functional mobile device.

When you’re a little kid, any slightly long object turns into your own personal phone. The remote control, a banana, maybe even a sausage have all served as substitute talking devices for children not quite old enough to have their own fully-functional mobile device.