A Small Fraction of Central America Children Who Cross the U.S. Border Are Sent Home

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President Obama Accused of ‘Overreach’

Japan’s Hamster-Ass Book Fad

Marxists for Liberty


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First Instagram from Space


This is What Non-Soft Power Looks Like

TIME Mag: CIVICS 101 Failure Notice

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Twitter’s New “Verified” Filter Lets Celebs Screen Out the Non-Celebs, and Dish Among Them-Beautiful-Selves

twitter-celebritiesJosh Constine writes:  Life is hard for famous people. You’re trying to @ reply with your celebrity friends on Twitter, but the conversation gets drowned out by rabid fans and spammers mentioning you. So Twitter’s begun rolling out to people with verified profiles two new filters for the Connect tab. Filtered, which attempts to cut down spam, and Verified, which only shows interactions with other verified profiles. Read the rest of this entry »

What 12 of The World’s Biggest Websites Looked Like at the Beginning

Twitter.com (2006)

NyTimes.com (1996)

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Esquire’s 9/11 photo fail


Loser: Weiner’s parting gesture to Journalists

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Note to TV News Broadcaster: There is NO reason to wear a parka INDOORS…(unless you’re trying to exploit a disaster)

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