[VIDEO] Jimmy Kimmel Punks United Airlines With Fake Ad


Jimmy Kimmel made a fake United Airlines ad in response to Sunday’s incident on the airlines, in which a passenger was dragged off a plane.

Jimmy Kimmel did not hold back Monday evening regarding the viral video depicting a United Airlines passenger being dragged off a flight after it was overbooked.

The late-night host began by asking his audience who flew from out of town to come see his show, eliciting an unsurprisingly loud uproar from the crowd.

“I’m glad none of you were yanked off the plane,” he continued as he transitioned into a breakdown of what exactly happened in the United Airlines incident. Kimmel explained that United employees chose four passengers to remove from the flight since it was overbooked, and the airline needed to give seats to its employees. One man refused to leave, saying he was a doctor and needed to get to the hospital to attend to his patients in the morning. He was forcibly dragged out of the plane. Read the rest of this entry »

[VIDEO] Ninth Circle of Hell: Eyewitness Recounts Passenger’s Removal from Plane



Seattle Airport Jetway Drops as Passengers from Phoenix Exit Flight


A large crane stands ready to lift a jetway, right, that had a mechanical failure and slowly lowered to the ground Tuesday, May 13, 2014, while connected to a Southwest Airlines airplane at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. The incident happened as passengers from Phoenix were deplaning. The next leg of the flight to Chicago had to be canceled so the jetway could be removed from the airplane and a damage inspection could be completed. — AP Photo

SEATAC, Wash. — A jet bridge dropped several feet Tuesday as passengers were exiting a Southwest Airlines flight at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, but no one was injured, officials said.

The end of the walkway, where it was attached to the plane, fell 6 to 8 feet. Some passengers were on the bridge at the time, but it was unclear how many, said airport spokesman Perry Cooper.

The cause of the drop was described as a mechanical failure. Thanks to a backup system — a large screw under the jetway that turns as it is raised or lowered — the bridge fell slowly, and those who were on it walked up to the gate, Cooper said.

About half of the passengers — 60 people — had exited the aircraft when the walkway fell. The rest left by a stairway brought to the other side of the plane. Read the rest of this entry »

Sky-High Spending


Imagine life under the Affordable Air Act

Deroy Murdock writes:  Once upon a time, a man named Obama fretted that 10 percent of U.S. citizens never had ridden in an airplane, as the New America Foundation reported. “Let me be clear,” Obama said. “We can do better.”

Rather than let entrepreneurs and philanthropists help people take their first flights, Obama and a Democratic Congress concocted the Affordable Air Act. Big government, they reckoned, must race to the rescue. Instead of assisting those who never had flown, Obama and company overturned the entire aviation industry — for airlines and passengers alike.

Republicans yelled. The flying public rebelled. But Democrats prevailed. ObamaAir was signed into law.

Kayak.com, Priceline.com, and other companies already served passengers efficiently. But Obama insisted that his signature program construct its own website. So, Obama spent three years and $677 million on Airfare.gov.

It flopped spectacularly.

Meanwhile, in what PolitiFact.com called its “Lie of the Year,” Obama promised Americans 37 times: “If you like your plane, you can keep your plane. Period.” Nonetheless, Obama infantilized passengers who were content to travel in coach. They naïvely had bought “substandard” seats, Obama snarled, from “bad apple” airlines.

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