Nixonian Love Wisdom: Richard M. Nixon’s Top Five Romantic Quotes


Frances Martel selects some Nixonian Love Wisdom from Politico‘s published collection of President Nixon’s love letters to his wife, to present Nixon’s Top Five Love Quotes:

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The letters, once revealed, in part, by the Nixon Foundation to celebrate what would have been the President’s 100th birthday, began as correspondence from spouse to spouse in their second year of marriage, as Nixon went off to officer training in Rhode Island. Since the military stationed Richard Nixon overseas, far away from his wife and her career, he would write her again and again. Below are five of the most romantic, inspiring, butterfly-inducing quotes revealed by Politico on Valentine’s Day:

1. “I am certainly not the Romeo type. I may not say much when I am with you—but all of me loves you all the time.”

It is certainly not difficult to imagine Richard Nixon describing himself as “not the Romeo type,” but there is something heartwarming about telling his new wife that he loves her this much but will never be able to make a dramatic gesture about it–as is the fact that he appears concerned that she will think he does not care for her. The sentiment comes at the conclusion of a romantic getaway to New York City one weekend he managed to escape the military. There they dined in Midtown Manhattan and gave themselves the luxury of each other’s time.

"Let's swing over to my pad, we'll listen to some Barry White, and knock back a few highballs..."

“Let’s swing over to my pad, we’ll listen to some Barry White…”

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