[VIDEO] REASON TV Presents: The 5 Most Anti-Libertarian TV Shows Ever!


For Reason.com,  &  assemble the worst of the worst, see the whole thing here. And don’t miss the best of the best list from earlier, we’ll include that in an upcoming post, because life is too short for bad TV.

A little while ago, we tallied up “The 5 Best Libertarian TV Shows.” South Park, Penn & Teller: BullshitThe WireThe PrisonerHouse of Cards: They’re all there, along with your abuse in the comments for leaving out Firefly, Yes, MinisterKing of the Hill, and all your other favorites.

Now it’s time to list the five TV shows that are the absolute worst from a libertarian perspective.

5. The Newsroom (2012-2014).  To be fair, just about everyone hates this sanctimonious drama created will-mcavoyby Aaron Sorkin, who also has the rosy-eyed White House valentine The West Wingin his oeuvre. Its third and final season premieres on HBO in November.

The Newsroom follows the on-air tantrums of Will McAvoy, a preening, self-righteous anchorman who can’t open his mouth without inveighing against capitalism, gun rights, or political speech with which he doesn’t agree. As played by Jeff DanielsMcAvoy is a lot like Ron Burgundy, but unintentionally funny. Read the rest of this entry »