[VIDEO] REWIND: Afterburner: Cultural Marxism and the Frankfurt School

[VIDEO] America: Not So Great, Anymore? 

According to a new poll, most Americans think our country is not as great as it once was. Who do we blame?

[VIDEO] The Great Unlearning: How Our Society Became so Stupid

Bill Whittle overheard a young-man spouting off that the moon landing was faked, which made him wonder… how did Americans become so stupid?


[VIDEO] ‘A Product they Don’t Want, with Money they Don’t Have, on a Website that Doesn’t Work…’

PJTV – Prominent Liberals Are Turning On ObamaCare

Ezra Klein of the Washington Post declared Obamacare a disaster on MSNBC. Former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs even said the Obamacare launch was embarrassing. Are liberals turning on President Obama and his signature healthcare legislation? Find out in this schadenfreudelicious edition of Trifecta, hosted by Stephen Green, Scott Ott, and Bill Whittle.

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Afterburner with Bill Whittle: The Lynching