China: Local Official Sacked After Mistress Reports Him for Adultery


Woman Using Her Real Name Reports Adultery with Government Official; Posts Intimate Photos Together

 writes: Red Net Changsha, November 6th report — For several days now, a “Reporting Lanshan County Forestry Bureau Director Pan Changwu’s life of corruption, sleeping around” appeared on Red Net and other websites, inciting heated discussion among netizens. On November 6th, the Lanshan County Committee Propaganda Department responded on the Red Net “Voice of the Ordinary Common People” column that the Discipline Inspection Commission has determined after investigation that he Pan Changwu had committed adultery with a woman causing a harmful influence and has been removed from his post.

Poster Tang X claimed she and Lanshan County Forestry Bureau Director Pan Changwu maintained a long-term illicit sexual relationship. She also posted several pictures of the two of them together on the post, as well as records of a large number of text messages.

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