[VIDEO] Archaeology: Monkeys Have Used Stone Tools for Hundreds of Years

New archaeological evidence suggests that Brazilian capuchins have been using stone tools to crack open cashew nuts for at least 700 years. Researchers say, to date, they have found the earliest archaeological examples of monkey tool use outside of Africa. In their paper, published in Current Biology, they suggest it raises questions about the origins and spread of tool use in New World monkeys and, controversially perhaps, prompts us to look at whether early human behaviour was influenced by their observations of monkeys using stones as tools. The research was led by Dr Michael Haslam of the University of Oxford, who in previous papers presents archaeological evidence showing that wild macaques in coastal Thailand used stone tools for decades at least to open shellfish and nuts.


[VIDEO] There’s Something Funny About The Way Lemurs Sunbathe 

It’s now officially spring! These are the funny ring-tailed Lemurs from the Twycross Zoo in Atherstone, England. As soon as just a bit of sun comes, that’s it, arms are stretched out to catch some Sun rays.

World’s Smallest Monkey on Display in Hong Kong

Orangutan Sees Magic Trick, Goes Bananas

For the love of animals. Pass it on.


[PHOTO] Lemur: ‘Ol’ Blue Eyes’


"C'mere you little monkey you"

“C’mere you little monkey you”


WH Press Secretary Jay Carney’s New Facial Hair Raises Disturbing Questions


“My wife says she likes it”

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney isn’t quite ready to say good-bye to the holiday break — and he has the beard to prove it.

Stepping up to the podium for his first press briefing in over two weeks, Carney surprised reporters with a scruffy post-holiday beard.

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25 Photos of Monkeys Drinking Coca-Cola

Thirsty Monkeys Gotta Have Cola

We have come to warn you of a pending obesity epidemic in monkeys. Now that they are drinking our beer and soda, smoking our cigarettes, and making sweet monkey love to our women we assume, there’s nothing to stop them from a life of laziness and high-caloric intake. These 25 pics of monkeys guzzling coca-cola proves they can’t stop themselves…

…22 More Examples of Primate Soft Drink Brand Loyalty via EgoTV