The Reason This New York Woman was Drugged and Committed to a Psych Ward for 8 Days is Disturbing 


Bonnie Kristian writes: A Long Island woman named Kamilah Brock is suing New York City after being confined to a mental ward for more than a week against her will.

Brock was briefly detained after a police officer observed her dancing (with her hands) in her car at a stop light. She was released without charges, but her car was impounded. When she went to pick up her car the next day, however, she says the cops she spoke with began acting odd as soon as she mentioned that her car was a BMW.

“She got into the ambulance only to find herself taken to the psych ward of a nearby hospital where she was put under heavy sedation, stripped, and diagnosed with bipolar disorder and psychotic behavior—and again, this whole chain of events started because Brock stated the true fact that she owns a BMW.”

“I just felt like from the moment I said I owned a BMW, I was looked at as a liar,” Brock remembers. “They put me in handcuffs and said they just need to put me in handcuffs to take me to my car. And I said OK, whatever it’s gonna take to get to my car.”

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After handcuffing her, the police called an ambulance. “Then EMS approached me,” Brock says. “And they said we’re gonna take you to your car. And I’m like, in an ambulance? I’m going to my car in an ambulance? I’m going to my car in an ambulance? I was just so confused.” Read the rest of this entry »