[PHOTO] Posted at a School in West Texas


A little tiny school in remote west Texas.

This is posted on their high school football stadium.

#Baltimore Restaurants Pledge Free Food to National Guard, Uniformed First Responders


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Massive Utah Cyberattacks — Up to 300 Million Per Day — May Be Aimed at NSA Facility


Since the facility was built, Utah government has had up to 300 million attempted attacks a day

Five years ago, Utah government computer systems faced 25,000 to 30,000 attempted cyberattacks every day.

At the time, Utah Public Safety Commissioner Keith Squires thought that was massive. “But this last year we have had spikes of over 300 million attacks against the state databases” each day: a 10,000-fold increase.

Why? Squires says it is probably because Utah is home to the new, secretive National Security Agency computer center, and hackers believe they can somehow get to it through state computer systems. Read the rest of this entry »