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[VIDEO] The Kelly File: Imagine That

Kelly reading a tweet from punditfromanotherplanet right before she goes on the air.

Read this:


And watch this:

Imagine watching a “Kelly File” interview, with a laptop, typing a comment in Twitter, then moments later, hearing Megyn Kelly say those exact words on Live TV.

It was a highlight of our week here at Pundit Planet.

[Final segment of transcript, Charles Koch interview, Oct 15, 2015]

KOCH: Yes.

KELLY: Charles Koch, thank you.

KOCH: Well, thank you, Megyn. I appreciate it.



KELLY: Getting lots of feedback online with Charles Koch, like this one, quote, “Such a disappointing lack of evilness! Imagine that.”

Thanks for watching. This is “The Kelly File.”


Do the Koch brothers have critics with legitimate complaints? Interests groups that object to the various causes the Koch brothers, with their considerable resources, advocate? Of course they do. But perhaps because they don’t seek the limelight, they’re referred to as “shadowy figures”, and attacked relentlessly from the highest public offices in the United States, including the Senate floor, and the Presidency itself.

Private citizens, using their wealth, and right to free speech, to advocate causes they believe in (causes that up until recently, were embraced as mainstream values in America) are routinely smeared by opponents, and treated as the most evil, corrosive influence in modern politics. Do the Kochs deserve to be characterized by their opponents as pure Evil?  The idea is laughable.

The full transcript of the show is here.

The full Kelly File video from October 15, 2015 is online here. Individual segments featuring the interview with Charles Koch appeared on pundit planet a few days ago, and can be seen here, and here.

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Rare Photo of Pundit Planet Co-Founder


Our co-found and Editor-At-Large. Though this snapshot looks vintage, it was actually taken fairly recently, around 2007, back when he had a bit less gray hair, and long before he had a 3-D printer. But his hobbies are essentially the same. He’s currently heading up our Hong Kong Bureau, where his time and space doesn’t allow for recreational rocket building, so I’m sure he’ll enjoy this archival snapshot as a winsome reminder of a cherished pastime.


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BREAKING: Editor Takes Hong Kong Bar Exam, Survives


HK_Central_Statue_Square_Legislative_Council_Building_n_Themis_spunditfromanotherplanet would like to take this opportunity to extend our warmest BeforeAfterBarExamcongratulations to fellow planet editor and co-founder Dr. Strangelove, who just completed the Hong Kong Bar exam. Well played, sir!

The amount of work and study required to pass this exam, I can only imagine, must be tremendous. It requires dedication, fortitude, and endurance. It’s not for the faint-of-heart. Even for high-achievers, it can take a toll.

We hope when he recovers he’ll file a report from our Hong Kong Bureau, or from his desk when he returns to the U.S.

Again, congratulations.

—The Butcher