Australian Koalas Chill in First Class Before Being Flown to Singapore


Jenni Ryall: writes: Australia’s national airline, Qantas, has released photos of four koalas living the high-life in first class seats.

The native animals were the stars of the photo shoot a week before they were gifted to the Singapore Zoo on Monday, to mark the country’s 50th anniversary of independence.

Although it looks glorious for the furry guys, they were actually transported to Singapore in the plane’s cargo hold, like all animals.


The photos posted to Facebook show the koalas, from Lone Pine Sanctuary in Brisbane, being offered treats such as fresh gum leaves, a can of lemonade and a hot towel. Read the rest of this entry »

Singapore’s Scoot Airlines to Offer Child-Free Zone

Children under 12 will be banned from Scoot Airlines' kid-free zone Getty Images/Flickr RF

                                                                                      Getty Images/Flickr RF

Wish your air travel came with a little less crying and kicking? Scoot Airlines is looking to make certain adults’ dream come true.

The Singaporean budget carrier is now offering a child-free zone, dubbed the ”ScootinSilence” area, in which kids under 12 will not be allowed to sit. While the silence zone only lasts for five rows,  numbers 21 to 25, it should provide some assurance to travelers who bristle at the prospect of being seated directly behind, in front of, or, worst of all, next to a noisy child.

Not surprisingly, mile-high peace and quiet isn’t free of charge. Scoot is providing the ScootinSilence area as a $14 upgrade, so you’ll have to have to ask yourself whether a one time no-baby guarantee is worth the price of a pre-flight meal, or simply a reusable pair of earplugs.

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