Chinese Media Expose Underground Doctors Claiming to ‘Cure Gayness’

[VIDEO] ‘We Call You ‘The Duck’: MSNBC Host Asks Eric Holder to ‘Quack Like a Duck’

At The CornerAndrew Johnson reports:

MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry made a rather unusual request of Eric Holder in an interview over the weekend.

On her MSNBC show on Sunday, Harris-Perry informed the attorney general of a nickname that she and her fans have for him: the Duck.

“You’re absolutely right — those little duck feet are just moving as fast as they can underneath. I may have been cool in congressional hearings on the outside, but I was pissed off a lot of the time too.”

— U.S. Attorney General Eric ‘The Duck” Holder

“We say that you have a very placid, even way of presenting, but you’re working for justice underneath,” she explained.


”Would you quack for us?”

— Giggling MSNBC “reporter” Melissa Harris-Perry

Then came what is likely the first time the nation’s top law-enforcement officer has been presented with this question: ”Would you quack for us?” Read the rest of this entry »

Legitimizing Wu Wu: Obamacare Pays for Quacks


Progressives love science — right up until the second they don’t

Kevin D. Williamson writes: The Republican-dominated Texas state board of education has done the right thing and voted to approve science textbooks incorporating the standard account of evolution, overruling the objections of critics who insisted on the inclusion of Biblically based alternative accounts and so-called creation science. One book remains under review.

There was a great deal of crowing among progressives, who gleefully pointed to the controversy as yet another example of knuckleheaded right-wingers’ waging their pitiless war on science. But embarrassing as the Texas textbook debate may be, there is a far more significant assault on science under way at the hands of our allegedly secularist friends, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, provisions of which are going to be used to pour billions of dollars into quack medicine of every description under the guise of “non-discrimination.”

Progressives love science — right up until the second they don’t.

Thanks to the efforts of Senator Tom Harkin (D., Iowa), the Affordable Care Act includes a rule that insurers “shall not discriminate” against services provided by any licensed or formally recognized provider of health-care services, which means that such traffickers in pseudoscience as homeopathic healers, acupuncturists, herbalists, chiropractors, and the like will be covered under Obamacare, at least in states that recognize such quackery.

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