[VIDEO] Freedom in the 50 States 2015-2016 


How free is your state? Find out! The Freedom in the 50 States 2015-2016 index from the Cato Institute measures freedom across a range of over 200 policies and across personal, regulatory and fiscal dimensions.

Source: Cato Institute

[VIDEO] MSNBC Tries To Enroll In ObamaCare On Live TV – Works Perfectly!

It worked exactly as designed. To fall short. To fail. To need more money and more resources. Does anyone seriously still think the Affordable Care Act is meant to succeed in its current form?

As a necessary stepping stone to single-payer socialized medicine, it’s working exactly as intended. Expect additional measures, multiple infusions, advances, tweaks, and changes, ultimately disabling the private insurance market completely, in order to achieve the long-term goal of permanent government ownership of the health care industry.

As seen in the live TV effort, MSNBC’s attempt is to demonstrate enrollment reveals a system performing as designed.

Market innovation, not government regulations, are the key to keeping college costs down

Higher-education reformers shouldn't have to rely on the government to experiment with new methods. (Thinkstock)

Higher-education reformers shouldn’t have to rely on the government to experiment with new methods. (Thinkstock)


“Over the last month,” President Obama said in Buffalo, N.Y., on Thursday, “I’ve been out there talking about what we need to do as a country to make sure that we’ve to a better bargain for the middle class and everybody who’s working hard to get into the middle class.”

Stella, the second youngest of five brothers, was raised in a single parent home in Roanoke, Alabama. He was the only one of his siblings to finish high school, although he has since encouraged all of his siblings to go back and get their G.E.D.s.

Now living in Warren, Ohio, with a son of his own, Stella wanted to improve his own life and his son’s opportunities. But as a single parent with a full-time job, his options were limited.

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