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CO Senator Responds to Property Managers Attempt to Disarm Tenants

After news broke that Ross Management Group was attempting to bar tenants from possessing firearms in Castle Rock, Colorado’s Oakwood Apartments, Colorado state senator Greg Brophy (R-Dist. 1) spoke to Breitbart News about the issue.

Brophy said the news of the ban hit him as “flatly unconstitutional” from a legal and/or governance standpoint.

Of the attempt to force every tenant to give up his or her guns, Brophy said: “It is utterly foolish to go out and practically advertise that ‘no one living in this building can protect him or herself.'”

Brophy said doing this would have turned the apartments into yet another “‘gun free zone’ for criminally minded people to rob or attack at will.”

77-year old Oakwood tenant and Marine Art Dorsch feared these very things when he told Colorado 9News how shocked he was that Ross management was demanding he get rid of all his guns or get out of the apartments.

Douglas County leaders intervened in the situation and the ban has been rescinded.

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