How Much Renters Need to Make to Afford a Two-Bedroom Apartment in Each State


 reports: A recent poll conducted by The National Low Income Housing Coalition compared the average renter’s wage in each U.S. state to the wage needed to afford an average two-bedroom apartment.

The Out of Reach study, which came out in May, found that there are a considerable number of states where average workers simply cannot afford to rent two-bedrooms.

Image Credit: The National Low Income Housing Coalition

Image Credit: The National Low Income Housing Coalition

City Lab notes:

  • The average American needs to earn $19.35/hour to afford a two-bedroom rental unit.
  • The average hourly wage earned by American renters is $15.16. That’s 2.5 times the federal minimum wage.
  • The median hourly wage of the average American worker is $17.09.


This graph shows the states with the largest gaps between average hourly wages and wages needed to rent two-bedrooms.  Read the rest of this entry »