[VIDEO] Krauthammer: ‘Revenge Is Not a Good Strategy’ for Opposing Trump Nominations 



A Stray Dog’s Revenge 

The next time you mistreat a dog, think twice.

After a man kicked a stray dog from a parking lot in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, it didn’t bark or bite but struck back with what seems like a coordinated plan.

The dog instead returned with a pack of other dogs and started biting the man’s car.

After the photos, which were shared on People’s Daily Weibo account, began circulating, people were quick to react.

“Animals also have self-esteem,” said @Tianwaitanbao.

“The car owner should have fed dog before shooing it away,” suggested @Xiaocaoqingting.

“Although animals are unable to speak, they have their own character,” said @20suidenizhunbeihaolema.

Source: CCTVNews

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