[VIDEO] 味も見た目も完熟スイカな「スイカバウム」を食べてみた

 味も見た目も完熟スイカな「スイカバウム」を食べてみた – YouTube.

[VIDEO] ‘Solid Sato’ Sneaks into Starbucks Under Cover, Metal Gear-Style メタルギアみたいに段ボールで隠れながらスタバに行ったらバレずにコーヒーが買えるのか試してみた



[VIDEO] ‘How To Put a Baby to Sleep in Less Than One Minute’ Goes Viral in Japan, Around the World


[VIDEO] Modern Take on Japanese Fan Dance Has Naked Men, International Appeal

Ah, the Japanese fan dance. In popular culture, its staid connections to Noh and Kabuki theater are put aside in favor of something more risque. Usually it’s a coy geisha slowly using her fans to seductively cover and reveal her face and body. But just as more business are capitalizing on male sex appeal these days, the modern Japanese fan dance has a hot, sweaty man version too.

This may have started with the Japanese musician and provocateur DJ Ozma, who famously earned a lifetime ban from national broadcaster NHK after his first appearance featured dancers in skin-colored leotards painted to look like naked bodies. His 2008 song DRINKIN’BOYS featured a group of naked male dancers using strategically placed fans….(read more)


Inside Apple’s Massive New Store in China

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Escaped Water Buffalo Causes Panic in Chinese City, Eventually Stopped When Hit by a Cop Car

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