‘Caesarism Justified by Consequentialism’

Caesar Obama

Ross Douthat writes…


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Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry: ‘The Republican Party is becoming the party of ideas again’


And it’s amazing how quickly and quietly it’s happened

Don’t get your hopes up. This guy says more insulting and bizarre things about conservatives and Republicans, on a word-by-word basis, than we normally see from writers that describe themselves as “right-of-center”. Why? Because the markers on the field are different in western Europe than they are here.

When Pascal mentions “innovative conservative policy ideas” that he supports, I shudder to think. Watch closely as he agrees with the Left about how Republicans are perceived. Because, you know, their critics are right. About how dumb Republicans are. And spends most of the article exploring different ways to call them stupid. Until, you know, recently. Sorta.

In France, a “conservative thinker” is probably somewhere in the range of a ‘big ideas’ Hillary Clinton-wing-of-the-party policy wonk here. Just a guess. Perhaps my judgement is too hasty. Let’s give Pascal the benefit of the doubt. He is writing for The Week, so, here goes…

From across the pond, in ParisPascal-Emmanuel Gobry writes:

Perhaps the worst sin of the GOP during the Obama era has been the party’s lack of interest in serious, innovative policy.

Thanks to the notion that opposing the White House was enough of an agenda, and the inchoate enthusiasm of the Tea Party, the GOP, it seemed, was great at sound and fury but had no ideas. Anything the GOP did manage to propose was either an old idea from the ’80s, just plain awful, or (most often) both.

“…but basically their sense was that the problem was that Republicans are dumb. Republican politicians would never take on innovative policy ideas because their base is made up of a bunch of backward troglodytes and their paymasters are robber barons only interested in tax cuts…”

If this narrative seems familiar, it’s because left-of-center pundits have been hammering these ideas for years. And they were right.

“…And in any case, to be a Republican is to have little interest in new ideas — or ideas, period…”

But now, these same pundits are conspicuously silent about how the trend is reversing — and fast.

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