[VIDEO] Santa Monica Evicts Airbnb: The War on Homesharing 

The popular “homesharing” service made it affordable to book a beachfront property in Santa Monica. Then the city intervened.


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Sighting: Iron Man at the DMV

Entreprenuer Offers President Obama a Job With His Startup After He Leaves Office

editor-commen-deskWe’ve got our man Robert Holguin on assignment in Santa Monica covering the president’s Town Hall appearance. We considered giving Mr. Holguin a raise for his fine reporting, or at least a bonus for enduring the traffic to report on the POTUS event, but then we remembered we don’t pay him anything. So we’re reserving an Arturo Fuente Hemingway Signature Camaroon Perfecto cigar in our company humidor for him, and sending him a set of monogrammed collar stays. Good work, man.