[VIDEO] NASA Spacecraft Set for Historic Flyby of Saturn Moon

On Wednesday, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft will do its deepest-ever dive through an active plume on Saturn’s moon Enceladus. Scientists believe that an ocean beneath Enceladus’s crust might have the ingredients needed to support life.

A Decade of Amazing Saturn Images


Images via NASA. 

For Popular MechanicsNiko Vercelletto writes: Since it reached the orbit of Saturn 10 years ago today, the Cassini spacecraft has captured mind-blowing images and collected invaluable data about the ringed planet and its multitude of moons.

Launched from Earth in 1997, the probe was originally approved for a four-year mission, but that mission has now been extended three times. Good thing, too. With so much time spent in orbit of the sixth planet, Cassini has studied not only the gorgeous gas giant but also moons such as Titan, with its great hydrocarbon lakes, and Enceladus, with its jets of ice.  Read the rest of this entry »

[PHOTO] S-II stage of the Saturn V Rocket as it was Hoisted onto the A-2 Test Stand – 1967


S-II stage of the Saturn V rocket as it was hoisted onto the A-2 test stand at the Mississippi Test Facility – 1967

Exploring Space

[PHOTO] Concept Model: Saturn V and Space Shuttle Combo


Saturn-Shuttle / The concept model for a Saturn V and Space Shuttle combo.


Space-Age Bachelor Pad


Just kidding. It’s our Vintage Space Illustration of the day. Looks like good living quarters, yeah? I wonder it has a Hi Fi…

Auroras on Saturn, Captured by the Hubble Telescope

 Auroras on Saturn, captured by the Hubble Telescope