President Trump: ‘I’m Proud to Have the Bust of Winston Groovy Back in the Oval Office’

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[VIDEO] Obama Déjà Remplacé par Trump Chez Madame Tussauds 

La statue de cire du 45e président des Etats-Unis a été dévoilée mercredi. Les artistes ont passé cinq mois sur sa figure.


Dans musée Madame Tussauds de Londres, Trump a déjà remplacé Obama dans le bureau ovale. À deux jours de sa prise de fonction, le musée a dévoilé sa nouvelle statue de président. Il est vêtu d’un costume bleu marine, une chemise blanche et une cravate rouge.


Des cheveux en poilsde yak

L’équipe du musée a passé cinq mois sur la figure du 45ème président des Etats-Unis. Ses cheveux, faits en poils de yak, ont donné du fil à retordre aux artistes. “Il a une sorte de bob”, explique David Gardner, principal sculpteur, “c’est long devant, et coiffé derrière”. Read the rest of this entry »

[VIDEO] Beetle Cubes: Unboxed Beetle Box

Let’s go for a joyride in one of these impossibly spherical or cubic Volkswagens created by Indonesian sculptor Ichwan Noor. These awesome sculptures are made from actual vintage VW components.

“Noor carves a spherical polyurethane replica of the vehicle’s body which he then casts in aluminum. A separate spherical interior is then produced to fit the cast exterior. The final result is enhanced with the original car parts provided by the manufacturer.”

Watch this video to get a closer look at one of Noor’s VW Beetle cubes:

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Chinese Craftsman Ji Zhenshan Frames Olympians in Woodwork


Ji Zhenshan has spent the past week drawing portraits of Chinese medalists on wooden eggs using an electric iron.

There’s a Chinese saying that the true masters of art live among the ordinary people – and that aptly describes Ji Zhenshan.

The middle-aged artist in eastern China’s Chiping county, Shandong Province, has spent the past week drawing portraits of Chinese medalists on wooden eggs using an electric iron. He has recorded the cheerful moments of the athletes winning medals in the Rio Games with his pyrography artworks.

Ji’s works include Sun Yang, gold medal winner of men’s 200m freestyle, female shooter Zhang Mengxue, China’s first gold medal winner at the ongoing Games, and China’s longtime diving queen Wu Minxia, among others. Read the rest of this entry »

[PHOTOS] Alien And Predator Head Fire Pits

These are the Alien and Predator fire pits welded together by metal artist Burned By Design from old propane tanks (previously: this Lord of The Rings Witch-King version). They make the perfect fire pits for the person who already has everything. Or the person who doesn’t have anything, because hobos have to build fires to stay warm at night…(read more)

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Soasig Chamaillard

‘Diana’, Augustus Saint-Gaudens 1892-93


Giosuè Argenti: ‘Modesty’


Francesco Cabianca: Deposition of Christ, 1711

Deposition of Christ

CABIANCA, Francesco
Deposition of Christ
Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, Venice


China: Carved and Painted Ivory Apple, 1960s


‘Happy Fatties’ Attract Shoppers in East China 

‘Psyche Abandoned’: Pietro Tenerani, 1816-17

Psyche Abandoned

Pietro Tenerani 
Psyche Abandoned
Galleria dell’Arte Moderna, Palazzo Pitti, Florence

Concrete Fruit: Photo by Stefano Cerio, Beijing

Beijing. This colorful sculpture, in an area known for fruit production, is made out of concrete. The pieces of fruit are up to 14 feet wide. Stephano Cerio…(see more)

Source: ‘Stefano Cerio: Chinese Fun’ – WSJ

China: Farmer Engraves Eggs to Commemorate 70th Anniversary of V-Day


Li Aimin, a 63-year-old farmer from Shandong Province, spent a year sculpting the portraits of Chairman Mao Zedong and various war heroes on eggs to commemorate the 70th anniversary of victory of World War Two.


Li sculpted Chairman Mao on the sides of eggs with more than 20 different kinds of emotions and 249 Chinese founding military officers with clear details of their facial expressions like smiles or serious expressions.


The famous Franklin D. Roosevelt, Joseph Stalin, and Winston Churchill, were also among his works.

Li is a talented farmer with strong artistic sense, according to a report by Qilu Evening News. In four years, he has engraved more than 1,000 eggs, with everything from plants to animals.


Li has worked as a farmer his entire life, but spends all of his spare time working on his sculptures. He expects to exhibit all of his special egg shell sculptures during the Victory Day.


[PHOTO] Boris Karloff Life-Size Sculpture


Boris Karloff Life-Size Sculpture by Mike Hill – often mistaken for a real photo of Boris Karloff behind the scenes of Frankenstein (1931)


Sculpture: Orangutan Strangling a Borneo Savage, Emmanuel Frémiet, 1895


Orangutan Strangling a Borneo Savage

by Emmanuel Frémiet, 1895.

Galerie de paléontologie et d’anatomie comparée, Paris.

Source: statuemania

[VIDEO] Salavat Fidai: Pencil Tip Carving

Amazing carving into the head of a pencil by Salavat FidaiSee more of his work here.
Music by 10YRWAR

Cráneo en un Estacionamiento


Valerio Cioli: Tomb of Michelangelo


Valerio Cioli c. 1564

Tomb of Michelangelo (detail)

Who’s Up for Breaking Bad Art?



[PHOTO] Berlin, 1962

Berlin, 1962 - Photo by Floris Neusüss

Hand Work at Madame Tussauds, 1950s


A technician works on broken hands from the waxworks of Madame Tussauds, 1950s



Aphrodite, 2nd Century, Greece

RISDM 26-117 RISDM 26-117  002 RISDM 26-117  004


Unknown artist, Greek

Aphrodite, 2nd century BCE


Height: 47.3 cm (18 5/8 inches)

RISD Museum


Sand Sculptor at the Yokohama Sand Art Exhibition in Japan

A Hand-Cranked Sculpture that Makes a Mean Manhattan


A hand-cranked sculpture that makes a mean manhattan? Yes please. Come with us inside Instructables’ Kooky Creative Warehouse Workshop.


Wellesley College ‘Underwear Man’ Identified: Joe Biden

[See Realistic Statue of Man in his Underwear at Wellesley College Sparks Controversy]

Realistic Statue of Man in his Underwear at Wellesley College Sparks Controversy

Tony Matelli's Sleepwalker, is part of an art exhibit at Wellesley College's Davis Museum.

Tony Matelli’s Sleepwalker, is part of an art exhibit at Wellesley College’s Davis Museum.

Jaclyn Reiss writes:  A realistic-looking statue of a man sleepwalking in his underwear near the center of  Wellesley College has created a stir among the women on campus, especially as more than 100 students at the all-women’s college signed a petition asking administrators to remove it.

The statue, called Sleepwalker, is part of an art exhibit featuring sculptor Tony Matelli at the college’s Davis Museum. The exhibit, New Gravity, features sculptures that are often reversed, upended or atomized.

However, the statue of the sleepwalker — which is hard to miss in a high-traffic area by both pedestrians and drivers near the campus center — has caused outrage among some students in just one day after its Feb. 3 installation. Zoe Magid, a Wellesley College junior majoring in political science, started a petition on with other students asking college president H. Kim Bottomly to have the statue removed. Read the rest of this entry »

Canadian Neo-Cubist Braves Sub-Zero Temperatures to Build a Giant Colored Ice Fort

Construction of this amazing wall took 5 to 6 nights in temperatures ranging from -28 to -35C. Unspeakablefilth / Reddit

Construction of this amazing wall took 5 to 6 nights in temperatures ranging from -28 to -35C. Unspeakablefilth / Reddit

While it’s certainly been a cold winter stateside, our neighbors to the north know what a real chill actually looks like. Reddit user Unspeakablefilth lives in Northwestern Ontario, where the averaged a daytime high was -25 degrees celsius or colder for about a month.


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[VIDEO] Park Seung-mo’s Wire Art

Wire art is certainly nothing new, head down to any local craft fair and you’ll probably find a little wire frog or ostrich overflowing with folksy charm.


Goodnight, sweet prince: Polish artist’s chainsaw sculpture depicts the death of Super Mario


Another beautiful item from those lovable nuts at RocketNews24 –  reports: Even the greatest of heroes meet their end eventually, whether they be staff-wielding wizards or portly plumbers. With this incredible sculpture, Polish artist Kordian Lewandowski presents the demise of none other than our favourite 8-bit champion, Super Mario. And as sad as it is, it’s really quite breathtaking.

“Game Over” shows Peach, or Princess Toadstood to her subjects, cradling the limp body of Mario in a pose reminiscent of Michelangelo’s “Pietà“. Rather than carving it out of solid marble, Kordian chose to work with an enormous styrofoam block, but he did create his own masterpiece with something that even the great Michelangelo could never claim to be a competent user of: a chainsaw.

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Classical sculptures dressed as hipsters look contemporary and totally badass

I have just discovered a whole new dimension to classical sculpture. If you dress the sculptures as hipsters it gives them an awesome new look. They become contemporary and totally badass. Needless to say, they look a lot more human. They look like people who we can picture in our lives. This beats Madame Tussauds. I am sold.

More via  Today I Learned Something New

The Decline and Fall of Western Culture in One Photo

The other day I visited The Oakland Museum, and while I wandered through one of its rooms this scene presented itself to me:

Immediately a thought struck me: This is it — the decline and fall of Western culture is encapsulated perfectly in this one scene.

Let me explain.

In the foreground we have a marble sculpture entitled “California Venus,” in a timeless neo-classical style.

It was carved in 1895 by sculptor Rupert Schmid.

In the background, just a few steps away, we have its companion piece, a sculpture entitled “Pink Lady.”

It was created in 1965 by artist Viola Frey.

In just 80 years, the state of sculpture in America went from beautiful and exquisitely refined to ugly, klutzy and incompetent.

I don’t know whether the curators at the Oakland Museum juxtaposed these two pieces intentionally, or if it was just an accident, but either way they deftly summarized everything that went wrong with 20th century art.

Striving for Beauty — or for Ugliness?

The very goal of art changed radically between 1885 and 1965. Back at the end of the 19th century no one yet questioned the assumption that art was an attempt to capture or create beauty. It had been that way for millennia. Little did anyone know that within just a few decades the very philosophy of art would move away from idealization first toward abstraction, then to realism, and finally to grotesquerie.

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