OH YES SHE DID: Middle School Teacher Kylie Rexann Modisette Busted for Sending Naked Selfies to 14-Year-Old Boy 


One nude image ended up getting shared widely by local youngsters.

Eric Owens reports: This week’s female teacher busted for using Snapchat to send nude selfies to a 14-year-old male teenager is Kylie Rexann Modisette.


Modisette, 28, is an English teacher in the single middle school in the small town of Huntington, Texasreports area ABC affiliate KTRE.


The flurry of raunchy sexting occurred back in December, law enforcement officials say. Modisette knows the unidentified 14-year-old boy because he was previously a student in one of her classes at Huntington Middle School.

“Modisette, who has been employed by the school district for a little over 3 years, faces a misdemeanor charge of distributing harmful material to a minor. She was arrested on Thursday and then released after posting $1,500 bail.”

The teenager told Texas Ranger Travis Brazil that he had successfully deleted the nude photos of Modisette from his mobile phone.

[Read the full story here, at The Daily Caller]

However, the teen swore, someone else had taken a screenshot of a photo of Modisette posing in her birthday suit. Read the rest of this entry »

‘PHOTO BOMB: My Selfie with Jet Hijacker’ New York Post Cover for March 30, 2017


Narcissus and the iPad


Arnold Schwarzenegger is The SelfieNator



Gloria Swanson’s Sunset Boulevard Selfie


[VIDEO] Man Kisses Horse, Horse Kisses Back


[PHOTO] What Happens When You’re Using a Selfie Stick and Your Phone Rings?


APOLOGY UNNECESSARY: Minnesota Newspaper Reconsiders, Corrects, Apologizes for Calling Obama an ‘Assclown’

Adding to the list of “things Obama has been called in the past week,” which already included the Antichrist, the Seventh King, and a rape suspect, we now have “assclown.”

Kevin Cusick, a sports producer for the Pioneer Press, apologized Monday for using the term to refer to President Barack Obama in a slideshow that included Obama’s selfie-stick moment from a BuzzFeed video.

“A fool-proof way to make yourself look like a self-absorbed assclown,” the caption read.

Behold, a screengrab:


“After further review, it’s a poor choice of word,” Cusick told local news station KMSP. “I must have been in an especially foul mood last night. I’ve toned it down a bit.” The caption has now replaced “assclown” with “celebrity.”

Follow-up: can there really be a fool-proof way to make yourself look like a fool? Isn’t that…(read more)


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[PHOTO] Selfie Nation


[PHOTO] Selfie of the Day


Nancy Selfie


Nancy, by Ernie Bushmiller


SNAP: Protestors in St. Louis Pose American Flag in Front of iPhone to Capture Flag-Burning as they Protest Fatal Shooting

[VIDEO] Hong Kong: Photographer Daniel Lau’s Cuckoo Bananas Skyscraper Selfie

It starts as a video of smiling friends eating bananas but within seconds it becomes a contender for the world’s scariest selfie.

Photographer Daniel Lau pulled out his “selfie stick” to take dizzying footage of a rooftopping adventure 346m (1135 feet) above the streets of Hong Kong.

Lau, fellow photographer Andrew Tso and A.S. are seen in the video snacking while perched dangerously on the spire of The Centre skyscraper, Hong Kong’s fifth-tallest skyscraper.

The video is made all the more sickening thanks to a wide-angle lens mounted on a stick, with each pan of the camera sure to turn the stomach of those scared of heights.

攝影師 Daniel Lau 在中環中心避雷針頂端,與朋友 Andrew Tso 和 A.S. 「吃香蕉自拍」360度天台危攝片段,維港景色一覽無遺,中環「密密麻麻」的高樓大廈­也頓變渺小,成為拍攝者的背景。


NSA Public Service Reminder

Reminder: Selfies Can Be Hazardous

Selfie Ends with a Boot to the Face

Over at The Corner, the otherwise serious-and-sober scholars, policy wonks, and think-tank boys and girls get their hands on the occasional coffee break item. Here’s some pointless lunacy for readers to enjoy.

Josh Encinias reports: A teenager identified on a YouTube account as Jared Michael tried to take a selfie at what he thought was ”a safe distance” from a passing train…

(read more) National Review Online

Student Breaks 19th Century Greco-Roman Statue While Taking a Selfie

Roman-statueThere are a few basic rules in museums. The first: don’t touch the art. The second: don’t take selfies while touching the art.

At a museum in Milan, Italy, a student reportedly broke that second rule: he climbed on a statue dating back to the early 19th century to take a selfie and caused the statue’s left leg to fall off.

[Original statue, Hi-Res Image]

The discovery was made on Tuesday morning by the staff of the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, one of Italy’s most renowned academic institutions, and it was apparently also recorded by security cameras.

[Source, in Italian: Brera: studente si fa un «selfie»
sulla statua e ne spacca una gamba]

The statue depicts the “Drunken Satyr,” an ancient Greek sculpture of the Hellenistic era showing a human-like figure with animal features drunkenly sleeping. Fortunately, the statue is a copy located in the academy’s hallway leading to a room full of more valuable works of the most famous sculptors of the era, including Antonio Canova, Italian newspapers reported. Read the rest of this entry »

What Selfies Reveal About Cultural Stereotypes

A new project by data visualization wunderkind in collaboration with Lev Manovich, Jay Chow, and Nadav Hochman, SelfieCity is an attempt to analyze the data of more than 3,000 self-portraits and, in doing so, extrapolate what a selfie is even meant to say in the first place.

A new project by data visualization wunderkind in collaboration with Lev Manovich, Jay Chow, and Nadav Hochman, SelfieCity is an attempt to analyze the data of more than 3,000 self-portraits and, in doing so, extrapolate what a selfie is even meant to say in the first place.

John Brownlee  reports:  Moritz Stefaner and his collaborators analyzed more than 3,000 Instagram selfies from around the world, revealing everything from the age of the average selfie taker to how much she opens her mouth and more.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many is a selfie worth?

That’s what SelfieCity wants to find out. A new project by data visualization wunderkind in collaboration with Lev Manovich, Jay Chow, and Nadav Hochman, SelfieCity is an attempt to analyze the data of more than 3,000 self-portraits and, in doing so, extrapolate what a selfie is even meant to say in the first place. In the process, SelfieCity was able to figure out everything from the age of the average selfie takers to how much they opened their mouth and more…

“People take fewer selfies than you’d think.”

• People take fewer selfies than you’d think. According to SelfieCity’s data, only 3% to 5% of the 300,000-plus images that they examined were actually selfies.

• Women take more selfies than men. “In every city we analyzed, there are significantly more women selfies than men taking, from 1.3 times as many in Bangkok to 1.9 times more in Berlin,” Stefaner says. In Moscow, the discrepancy is even more striking: 4.6 times more women take selfies in the Russian capitol then men. No matter where, if a man takes selfies, though, he’s likely to be older: the median age of men who post selfies on Instagram is more than 30 years old.

“People are happiest in Bangkok and São Paulo, and more miserable in Moscow.”

• Women strike more extreme poses in selfies (especially in São Paulo). According to SelfieCity’s research, women tend to take more expressive, sexy poses than men in their selfies. On average, the head tilt of a woman’s selfie is 150% higher than for men (12.3° vs. 8.2°). Translated, this means an awful lot of women take selfies holding their cameras way above their heads. But in São Paulo, it’s even crazier: there, the average head tilt for females is 16.9°! Guess they want to fit their bikinis in-frame.

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White House Social Media Blunder [PHOTO] Narcissist-in-Chief Replaces Rosa Parks with Royal Selfie


Obama Pushes Rosa Parks Off the Bus 

Neil Munro writes: President Barack Obama has visually pushed Rosa Parks off the anti-discrimination bus with a single narcissistic tweet.

“In a single moment 58 years ago today, Rosa Parks helped change this country,” declared a Sunday 4:15 pm tweet from Obama’s Organizing for Action group.

The tweet included a photo of the first African American president of the United States sitting in the same bus and in the same seat from which Parks declined an order to move to the back of the bus during a protest in 1955.

Her protest was part of a long effort to end racial discrimination in the southern states. Much of the opposition to equality came from local Democratic politicians, including Birmingham police chief Bull Connor, a member of the Democratic National Council.

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Best. Selfie. Pic. Ever.


amilly_amilly_ h/t BlondesForReagan